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Giveaway:”Didn’t I Feed You Yesterday?” by Laura Bennett

Just when I’m feeling like a really bad mommy, one of my beautiful children does something so funny and endearing my harsh mommy dearest meets Godzilla exterior melts away and a true smile spreads across my face. Now that I’m just two weeks into life with three kids, finding humor in everyday life has never been more crucial. When a little book titled “Didn’t I feed You Yesterday? A Mother’s Guide To Sanity In Stilettos” arrived in my mailbox I was very intrigued. This seemed right up my alley. I immediately cozied up on the coach and began to read it. The book was funny, hilarious actually, I couldn’t put it down. It’s written by Laura Bennett, the standout designer and mother of Six, yes SIX, kids from Season 3 of Project Runway! Laura’s outrageous and candid take on modern motherhood in Manhattan was well worth the cashing in of precious daytime minutes without the chick-a-dees around.

I’m not going to spoil the book for all of you but trust me it’s a fun, light read filled with unconventional advise that will have you laughing and feeling really good that you aren’t the only mother out there wondering how life got so darn crazy. “Didn’t I Feed You Yesterday?” is available  online and in stores as of this week. Melisa and I were really excited to learn that Laura is a fan and follower of Project Nursery. We exchanged emails and she answered some specific questions with her take on motherhood in mind and I thought I’d share.

1. What inspired you to write the book?

Actually, a fan of Project Runway who works at Random House came to me and asked if I had though about writing a book. I said no, but I hadn’t thought about being a fashion designer either so what the hell, I’ll give it a try. The opportunity fell into my lap but I had to work hard to make it happen. There were no guarantees. In the end, they loved the proposal and bought the book.

2. How do you keep Style in your life with 5 kids? Any tips how mom’s can still feel stylish (and like there old sexy self) with spit up and a baby Bjorn strapped to them?

Just do one little thing every day for your appearance. Take the time to put on lipstick (long wear, so just one application counts) or wear some real shoes with your outfit instead of sneakers. My favorite super comfortable shoes that look great are Andre Assous espadrilles. I love the “Christy” and “Holiday” styles. Little things can make a difference.

3. How do you balance (and stay sane) a career and raising kids?

I’ll admit that some jobs are harder than others when it comes to balance. Because I can make my own schedule, and I don’t have to be in an office all day. I can juggle things around.

4. Any favorite baby or children products? Gear, Clothes, Books, Places?

In New York, lots of moms are pushing around these Bugaboo strollers to the tune of about $800. They don’t fold up small enough for me. I still love the ultra light and infinitely portable Maclaren strollers. You can collapse them with one free hand (and a foot) and carry them by the shoulder strap. Just make sure little fingers and toes are clear when you fold it.

WIN IT: Project Nursery is giving away one copy of “Didn’t I Feed You Yesterday?” SIGNED by author Laura Bennett to a lucky reader. Enter by commenting on this post with your favorite mom tip, advise or funny mom moment. Contest ends Friday, April 16th, 2010 at 11:59pm PST.

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Alisa Gruesbeck

Saturday 4th of December 2010

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Veronica Garrett

Friday 16th of April 2010

My tip is take time for yourself by letting your family and friends help you.


Friday 16th of April 2010

My daughter thought it was funny to stuff a pant leg and sock with clothes and leave it hanging out of a drawer LOL

Ed Nemmers

Thursday 15th of April 2010

One of the little ones had a new friend over and wanted to introduce me. I was in the washroom, sitting ( thankfully ) and the door opened and he said, "That's my Mom"!

Melissa B.

Thursday 15th of April 2010

My advice would be, don't expect them to keep their rooms clean all the time. I used to be really hard on my kids about cleaning up. Now, I only make them clean their rooms if they want a friend over.