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Design Board: Fun Kids’ Rooms To Accessorize

Accessorizing a room can be a tricky business. Too much and the room looses focus. Not enough and the effect can be cold and unlived in. Achieving the right balance can often come by trial and error. Adding and subtracting the smaller items while keeping the bigger elements classic and clean can help. Another idea is to incorporate unique, fun and one of a kind elements that make the room more personal. By adding a touch of “personality” to a room you can create the perfect ending story to a well written room.

Sometimes all it takes to update a room is the introduction of a “pop” of color. A rug, wall art, or accent chairs are simple ways of adding another color to a room. The butterfly rug below was designed BarberOsgerby and can be found on The Rug Company Website.

Vogue Living May/June 2007 lays out the perfect…Room to Dream…page.

Create your own Room To Dream with the following accessories:

1. Quilt – by Kragh Rosenburg – ‘Fili’ Single Duvet & Pillowcases ($129) available at Kido Store.

2. Letters can be found at Leap Frog in Mona Vale. These letters’ slight curl is wonderfully appropriate for the feminine look.

3. Pigotts – Bedside Table ($575) available at the Pigotts’ Store.

4. Multi patch cushion from Carina Sherlock’s Bambino Collection ($75) available at Plane Tree Farm.

One of a kind additions to a room make the decor all the more interesting. Whenever a room says ‘discover me’ you know your choices for accessories have been successful. Odd eclectic collections are always intriguing to visitors.

The unique rugs above are also from Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby’s playful new collection for The Rug Company. The hand-knotted Tibetan-wool designs include Fishes, Snake, and Owl, and start at $3,563 for a 5′x7′6″ rug. Call 800-644-3963 or go to

Have fun ‘inspiring’ your child’s room with a dash of ‘eclectic’ and a touch of one of a kind. Create your own room decor recipe and indulge in all it’s inspiration!


Wednesday 1st of December 2010

Wonderful blog post, bookmarked, will likely be again later. For the reason that this was a fantastic report, preserve up the fine work.


Thursday 15th of April 2010

Thanks for the tips. I am in the process of redecorating my kids' room and I have to say it's more difficult now because that "personality." When they were younger, all I had to do was make it safe and colorful and interesting. Now that they are older, I have to put their personalities into consideration. And the fact that they share a room and they have very different personalities doesn't make things any easier! Sometimes I think about just trying to put a curtain in between their beds so they don't have to argue about anything regarding their shared space. After reading this, however, I think I will keep the major pieces safe and classic, and just, as you said, "incorporate unique, fun and one of a kind elements that make the room more personal."