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Nursery Culture: The Series Begins

At Little Crown Interiors, we are constantly challenging ourselves, and our clients, to think about nurseries in fresh, new ways.  The desire to create a beautiful space for our children is so common for parents that it almost seems to be biological.  Still, we can’t help but think that a nursery or child’s room is (or, at least should be) so much more than just great bedding and super fun artwork.

After all, a child’s room is a special place – one where memories are made, tears (and of course, buns) are wiped, snuggles are exchanged, books are read and stories are told.  This is likely the place where you’ll realize they’re changing so fast that their clothes don’t fit, and the growth chart on the wall will make you wonder how the time is going by so quickly.  The nursery is where memories are made and life lessons are learned.  For these reasons, we have created this special new series for you where we will explore just what it is that makes a nursery more than just a room: Nursery Culture.

With each post we will feature a specific element of the nursery and discuss its value and significance (and, of course, whether or not it looks great).  From cultural objects to style and design elements, we will strive to inspire you.

So, your assignment for now is this: Find a moment when you can escape from the chaos of daily life, and go have a seat in your child’s room.  Bring along your favorite snack and take some time to think: How does this room make you feel?  What does this space say about you as a parent?  How are you using these four walls to shape your child’s life?

If you’re happy with the answers you find, then we give you a round of applause.  If you find room for improvement, please don’t stress – remember, we will be here to give you a regular dose of Nursery Culture!

The first post in the series is coming next Wednesday, so get your homework done by then…. Also, be sure to let us know what’s on your mind by posting comments.

Naomi & Gerri

As a quick post script, while writing this post (this is Gerri, by the way), I found tears in my own eyes, thinking about the rooms where my sons sleep.  We start out with so many goals, and with the daily barrage of life’s responsibilities, I realize that some have fallen by the way side.  I guess it’s my turn to take some of my own advice!

Nursery Culture – The Series Begins « Little Crown Interiors Blog

Tuesday 13th of April 2010

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