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Box it up! Functional & Stylish Storage

Living in a home with a dog, a hamster, and four children, I constantly walk around with an overwhelming desire to stay organized and looking for new ways to arrange, sort and store. Even to the point that I have to watch myself to make sure I don’t go crazy doing it. Being overly organized can be a problem for everyone. But in moderation I have found some great ideas to help keep everyone’s world in check. Containers, bins, shelving and other creative ideas can help not only keep a room looking neat, they can be really functional for keeping thins accessible when we actually need to use them. Keeping crayons, markers and other homework tools sorted and separated can come in handy during peak project times. Creating areas for work that are functional make the idea of “work” more enjoyable. When I went searching for ideas on storage I found great inspiration in books, large retailers and handmade sites such as

Bins and Boxes

A great way to hide all the “stuff”. I love the clean look of the modern cubicle and also enjoy the soft look of baskets. Check out these cute

Closets can be another tricky area with a lot of clutter. I always look for a system that makes some sense of the order when dealing with my childrens’ closets and mine too for that matter! Keeping the same types of things together also helps; shoes in one place, shirts in another. It doesn’t always stay that way, but I try because it makes me feel better.

Tricks and Tools

Whenever I decide it’s time to clean up and order to a space, I usually look for fun and interesting storage containers, boxes, clips and other devices that make the process easier.


Finding ways to organize can be creative and fun. Take a look at some rooms that have achieved a well balance. Not too neat, but neat enough. Leaving room for a child’s style and personality is always important, but in the end, a happy room is a happy home.


Friday 26th of March 2010

Think Land of Nod and Pottery Barn are both good in this regard, but I'm dying for a pirate's trunk/treasure chest like the ones featured here: