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Something About A Mother’s Handwriting

Yesterday I spent hours trying to capture my newborn’s smile for his baby announcement. Alright, maybe asking for a smile is a bit aggressive. What I really wanted was a picture with his eyes open (wish me better luck today). I am a firm believer in today’s technology and the fact that I can whip up an online album in a flash or a blog to document my child’s growth is pretty awesome. However there’s something ultra-special about documenting a child’s first year in print – handwriting that is.  I know it’s traditional or maybe even passe in this digital world, but wouldn’t you love for your thirty-something son or daughter to open a book down the road filled with your notes and sweet tell-all tales? Maybe it’s because that’s what my mom did for me.

Whether you are attending a baby shower, need a new baby gift or are ready to take time for a little tradition, check out these lovely albums by Rag and Bone. They’ve made our Editor’s picks and can now be found in our new shop.  Each ribbon bound book contains 24 whimsical fill-in pages such as “How Mom and Dad met”, “How we picked your name”, “The Family Tree”, etc.  Here’s a sneak peak inside…

What we love most is the quality and abundant selection of cover options. You are no longer limited to a Noah’s Arc themed album in pastel yellow. In fact we’re  pretty confident one of these will match the look and feel of your child’s nursery.

And speaking from one mother to another – Enjoy every minute of your child’s first year! As you very well know, we only get to do it once :)

Toni Danielson

Wednesday 10th of March 2010

I absolutely adore these designs. Now its just finding the time to sit down and put it all together. Totally worth it!


Monday 8th of March 2010

A friend got me this book when my son was born last year and it's been a great (and very easy) way to remember his mini milestones and such. Now that he's past one, I am wondering if anyone has found a good "memory book" for the subsequent years?


Monday 8th of March 2010

A great tool for your child's first year. I was so good about writing everything down for my first child....but slacked off with my second. These would have helped me write more of the wonderful memories down. It all goes so quickly :(


Thursday 4th of March 2010

Cute! I didn't realize the covers were fabric!