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Rug Run Down

I really need to get moving on ordering a new large area rug for the kids shared bedroom. Since I’ve got both genders going on in one space, I’ve got to keep the color palette somewhat neutral. This always proves to be a bit of a challenge for me since I am drawn to girly patterns and shades of pink. My idea for the newly designed space is to paint the walls crisp white and to add pops of color with the furniture, rug and artwork. My ultimate rug dream purchase would be the bold and beautiful Suzanne Sharp designed Smarties rug. Unfortunately its out of the budget at $5400. I’ve found a few alternatives with bold patterns or bright colors but I just can’t make a decision. Have you found a rug that’s on the modern end of things and has either a bold pattern or bright modern look? Please let me know, I’d love some help!

Inspirations: Big Vivid Circles

Lollipop Rug By Jonathon Adler

Istanbul Rug by Emma Gardener Design

I love this IKEA rug but it’s too small. Maybe I can do two side by side?

A crisp Black and White Rug always looks great. This one comes from Domestic Modern

Loving this Coqo Floral Rug from Anthropologie. Might have to rethink my color palette.

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  1. It is well liked as summarized

  2. The Anthro rug is gorgeous! I found our nursery rug on It’s a great polka dot print by Safavieh. I’ll be posting about it this week.

  3. avatar Richa says:

    The IKEA rug gets my vote for color and design. Instead of one big rug, why not go for two smaller ones. A girly one for her and a boyish one for him. Another way to personalize their space, perhaps.

  4. avatar Lisa Maheu says:

    All those rugs are fabulous…I only wish I had $5500 to spend on a rug, don’t you? The IKEA rug was so bright and fun and gave you lots of color choices to accent with. What is the layout of the room…would the rugs be side by side in the center of the room with a gap inbetween them? It would be cute , if you used that rug, to paint big rectangles on the wall in colors from that rug and hang artwork in the rectangles. I love the Anthropologie rug too. That color would look great with aqua. You could paint a thick, maybe 12 inch stripe in aqua horizontally around the room and then maybe a thinner, 3 inch stripe in the same poppy reddish color from the rug. One other option…Flor carpet tiles. They have some patterns or you could do a fun stripe in different bold colors and have something completely custom…and as big as you want!

  5. avatar Carla says:

    I really like larger rugs as well and has been a great resource for modern, affordable rugs in those sizes.

  6. Thanks everyone for all the comments and suggestions! I’m going to check them out. I need at least an 8×10 and could even go up to a 9×12 which is part of the challenge here.

  7. avatar Leslie says:

    I really like the Ikea rug and the Inspirations one!!!

  8. Love the run down on rugs! Great choices pictured. Great to see bright upbeat colors are back in

  9. avatar Diana says:

    I’m really happy with the cotton rag rug I got from Land of Nod. The multicolor works for both boys and girls, and although the style might be traditional, it works in a modern space since it is so colorful.

  10. avatar LaLaFin2 says:

    I agree, I like the Coqo Floral. It’s a nice compromise since you said you usually go for pink and girly!

  11. Shoot since the Smarties can’t happen, I vote the black and white dot by Domestic Modern! Although P – I am loving that Coqo Floral now!!!

  12. I immediately thought of Company Store’s Big Dots rug. Comes in 4 different patterns. I’m not sure what size you need, but I think they go up to 5×8.

    American Home Rug Co. (I saw them on the Walmart website) has a couple of different rugs with large bright circles. One appears to be a tan background and another is black–though they might have something different through other stores.

    My current crushes for modern rugs are the “American Home Rug Co. Modern Living AT058 Neo Metro Multi Contemporary Rug” which I will find a way to incorporate into my kids’ playroom, and the probably overdone Moroccan inspired rugs (I just bought the Jill Rosenwald Fallon rug in Brown for my Dinning Room–but it comes in bright colors as well.)

    Sorry no links (I’m just not that talented).

    Good Luck!

  13. Hi Pam! How big is the rug you need? A few of our favorite rug spots are The Rug Market, The Rug Company and Thomaspaul. Have you checked any of those?

    Happy shopping!
    Little Crown Interiors