Love for the Diaper Genie

One of the questions we are asked all the time by our customers is regarding one of the biggest necessities in a nursery – the diaper pail.  There are so many options!  Diaper Genie, Diaper Champ, Diaper Dekor…..oh my!  Since completing over 50 juvenile spaces and working with all types of diaper pails with our clients, we have pretty much got it all figured out.  Hands down, we always recommend the Diaper Genie.  It’s simplistic design and awesome features make it a regular in our designs.  Here’s why:

Smell Containment: Great – the Diaper Genie really does a wonderful job of keeping your nursery smelling fresh.  We had a client with a Diaper Champ who had to relocate the whole unit outside because of the smell.

Ease of Use: Great – it’s easy to put together and changing out the refills is not bad either.  We have had a client who had an issue with a faulty refill, but other than that, we hear nothing but good things.

Longterm Cost: Refills are pricey at around $7  and you will be buying them until your kids are potty-trained.  The Diaper Genie itself is ranges from $25-$35 depending on the model, but it’s a great investment.

Availability: Refills are sold everywhere – Target, Babies’R’us, etc.  This is important!  We defer most of our clients from certain other models because you cannot buy refills at Target (which as every mom knows, is baby central).

Sanitation Factor: Great – Diaper Genie keeps yucky things off itself and you, which is very important considering you probably don’t want E-coli or other bacteria anywhere near your baby.

Other Useful Stuff: There are two models of the Diaper Genie – Diaper Genie II and Diaper Genie II Elite (with foot pedal).  They are both great choices.  The opening on both models is also sufficiently large enough for bulky cloth diapers.

Here’s a few shots of the Diaper Genie in our nursery designs:

We are always curious about other moms’ thoughts.  Let us know what your experience has been!


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    So I was a diaper dekor mom with baby number one until it smelled sooo bad no matter how many times I hosed it down and left it outside. I was recently introduced to the brand new munchkin diaper pail and love it! It comes with Arm & Hammer baking soda!

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    I have twins so for us- We went through them so quickly it wasn’t worth it. I wish they had a bigger version that held more.

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    I personally love the Diaper Genie. I used it with my son, who is now eleven. My daughter had a baby last year and got one for her baby shower. My had it changed since 11 years ago! She never used hers at home so I told her to give it to me and when the baby is at our house, we use it to dispose her diapers! I still love the Diaper Genie! Yes, the refills are a little costly, but so worth it! There is no smell and I don’t have to touch the diapers to dispose of them. I also like the cutter that is installed in the new version! Very handy!

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    I have a Diaper Genie II and LOVE it. It is sleek and inconspicuous, plus even when it’s filled full, it doesn’t make our little guy’s room smell. The refills are a bit pricey, but I stock up when they’re on sale.

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    Curious as to why you don’t like the Diaper Dekor. I have used it (the plus/super/whatever they call the big one actually) through three kids without a problem or a smell. It’s ease of use places it way above Diaper Genie in my book.

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    I really like the Diaper Dekor. I think any of the diaper containers will start to stink eventually because the plastic itself gets impregnated with the smell. That said, I’ve had mine for eighteen months and only recently did I have to put a stick-up inside, and now it’s back to being non-smelly. It’s easy to use–most of the time you can just use the foot pedal, toss the diaper, and not have to touch anything (when it’s nearly full you have to push the diaper in.) I think you can put more diapers in it than the Diaper Genie. And the toddler lock is very useful when my curious daughter decides to investigate where her diapers go.

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    That hideaway dresser for the genie is terrific! I have to say I used it for my first, but refused to for my second. I simply placed a small wastebasket in the garage and reused grocery bags. It was much simpler, more affordable, and kept the smell out of the house.

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