Count Me In

I was in need of somewhere to hang my new lil’ dudes towels and such but wanted something fun and modern…oh…and educational.  My solution? I’ll make it myself! And this is what it looks like…

I purchased three brushed nickel house numbers and hooks from a home improvement store. They have various styles available and if there isn’t a finish you like you can just paint them to the color you prefer.  The numbers and hooks come with the screws necessary to secure to the wall. Depending on your wall and what you will be hanging on them, you may need to set drywall anchors.  I measured the distance I liked and also placed them at “kid height” so my guys could help hang their belongings all while counting. Now I have a fun place to hang their whos-its and what-nots making it as easy as 1-2-3!


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  2. 2
  3. 3

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