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The “Big Boy” Bed Solution

Three weeks ago our family welcomed Chase Evan into our lives. My son Austin is now a proud big brother. The transition has been smooth for the most part but the evenings have been restless. It’s my fault. You see, I procrastinated in transitioning Austin into his “toddler room”. Many months prior to his little brother’s arrival, I attempted to move him but he wanted no part of his unfinished, big boy room or twin bed (despite being fully capable of busting through a tent and jumping out of his crib). And truthfully, I wanted to hold on to my precious sleep before baby. Friends warned me and suggested that I transform his existing nursery. Of course I didn’t listen because the designer in me insisted on working with a blank canvas. I am delighted to report that the transition into the toddler room is finally a success and I couldn’t have done it without Kids’ Bed Land!

So what could possibly be enticing enough to make a 2.5 year old leave his beloved crib?  This shiny, new bunk bed that magically appeared on my doorstep:

It’s fair to say that the Montana Bunk Bed is not their most expensive ($459)  nor grade A quality bed but I fell in love with it’s thick and sturdy decorative legs.  I also selected it because of its low height of 61 inches. While my toddler won’t be sleeping on the top bunk just yet, he’ll get to do so sooner rather than later.  The cherry finish is absolutely beautiful and I really dig its vintage vibe. And as far as I am concerned, I couldn’t be more pleased with the quality.

Due to the nature of our blog, we get our fair share of product reviews. Full-disclosure, I did accept this bunk bed at no cost.  But often we turn away furniture reviews because it’s not fair to have companies spend the energy and money shipping their product if we are not genuinely intrigued.  However when it comes time to trade in the crib, the selection of reasonably priced, quality kids beds found on the web is so very limited that this was a review I happily accepted. I am sincerely pleased to recommend Kids’ Bed Land to both readers and design clients. The kids beds they carry ranging from cribs (starting at $399) to platforms to bunks go beyond sheer looks and price.  Ever wonder what you are really buying? Just look for their construction logo and Kids’ Bed Land will inform you of the materials used so you”ll know if your are purchasing solid wood construction, veneer, or eco-friendly materials. And as an added bonus: there’s always free shipping, no silly delivery fees (often found at you know where) and no sales tax! So what are you waiting for? It’s time to make that transition now!

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KidsLand Customer

Wednesday 29th of December 2010

I spent months and months looking for a good solid bunkbed like what i had when i was a kid that could seperate into two beds.I found your website and really liked the looks of the montana bunkbed.So I ordered it.I just recieved in the mail and Im not verry impressed with it at all,The wood is low quality with allott of deformaties and one of the rails was even cracked.It doesnt look like the picture on the actual web site.theres differances on the rails and the headboards.As far as the damaged headboard I know things like this happen when being shipped half way accrost the country and as long as they replace the headboards I will be happy.But as far as the quality of the wood i would say its not bad but not good,it would be fair.Anouther thing I didnt like is it is made in korea.I not only think that would happen to be why the wood quality isnt verry good but also thats not supporting our workers in our country.If i had to put my review on this bed I would say if you wanted better quality than what u find in your average department store then this would be the bed for you but if you want a flawless ,perfect quality bed then this isnt the bed for you.For the price overall this is a great deal.

I do want to thank the owner of this site cause without this site I wouldnt have found this bed,I do like the design and the bed in general but just have a couple issues that have to be fixed before im 100 percent satisfied.

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Tuesday 23rd of March 2010

Hi Cindy - The Montana Bunk Bed fits twin size beds. Looks small in the picture but it is really quite large in person. It's just not as high as a regular bunk bed.

Cindy D.

Monday 22nd of March 2010

I'm wondering about the Montana bunk beds - are they sized for a regular twin-sized mattress or are they designed for the crib-size mattress (like a toddler bed)?

Thanks, Cindy