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Mr. Adler Launches Jonathan Jr.

In case you haven’t heard Mr. Adler has launched a line for the pee wee set. It’s called Jonathan Junior and it brings Jonathan Adler’s signature quirky chic style to items specifically created for the nursery.  The new line includes furniture, pillows, rugs, lighting and wallpaper. Currently only limited items are available including Adler’s signature ceramic menagerie pieces. Wool pillows and name rugs can also be customized to make any child’s room their own. I can’t wait to see the entire line this Spring when Jon boy launches the full line!



Wednesday 8th of December 2010


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Roger from Home Decor Rugs

Tuesday 1st of June 2010

Adding customized and personalized rugs to a child's first room adds a great deal of hominess to the room. Rugs with pictures of the baby and scenes like Noah's Ark or baby's toys enhance the "nesting" process parents go through when their baby comes home. Bright colors contribute to make the baby's room fun and positive.