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Label LOVE!

Moms put away your sharpie pens and let me introduce my new little joy…Name Bubbles.  Oh the bliss I get from the simple things in life…a friend sent me this link via facebook and after some poking around I took a lookie-look and ta-dah!  These nifty, non-toxic, little labels serve many purposes.

They have quite the variety to choose from, water resistant, dishwasher safe, and washable labels ready to be placed on just about anything you like. They even have special alert labels in case your little one has any food allergies or specific medical needs.  So, whether you are a mom of one or a mommy of many,  it is a great way to label your kids items for daycare, school, summer camp, etc…

Mini Bubbles – Label your babies binkies!

Clothing Labels – Trading clothes with another mom?  Label them!


Wednesday 24th of February 2010

Adorable and yet another creative idea!