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Ask anyone who knows me and they will agree that I am a highly organized individual. Ask my husband and he’ll jokingly claim it’s a case of OCD progressing with age. But when it comes to being a Mom, those organization skills I mastered in the closet and office pale in comparison to what it takes to running a family.  Stacey Crew is a Mom and a professional organizing expert. While we all can’t invite her into our homes (she’s NJ based), we can pick up a copy of her nifty guide book, The Organized Mom to help even the most organized people pull it together and better manage life with child.

The Organized Mom makes an excellent gift for first time moms. It’s covers everything from defining zones in the nursery to defining terms such as layette. My favorite tip: How to simplify your morning routine! (No one dared warned me how that’s a killer in the early stages of adjusting to baby). The heart of the book however talks about the author’s clever “GOPACK” method: A way for moms to really understand what it means to purge the clutter and tackle the art of organization. And I’d be doing the book a disservice if I didn’t mention the workbooks included in the back which encompass everything from questions to ask a potential pediatrician to a handy gift tracker.

And finally to share my own experience…I am a second time mom but 6 weeks ago when my labor pains kicked in 7 days early, I didn’t choose to Google my question (as most mom bloggers would) but rather thumb to the part of Stacey’s book that told me what to bring to the hospital. See, even seasoned moms need a refresher course!

Win It! Whether you are a first or fourth time Mom, you can enter to win a copy of the Stacey’s wonderful book AND a one hour phone consult to better organize it all!

Enter by visiting Stacey Crew’s blog, The Organizing Mama for even more wonderful tips and comment back by sharing with us what you need most organized in your life! Let’s hear it. Contest ends Friday, March 5th, 2010 at 11:59pm PST.

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CONTEST CLOSED – Congrats Jennie S.



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    I am mom to a 6 month old and this organization thing is on the top of my list. I really need to read this book. My WHOLE house needs help! Thank you for this giveaway!

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    I just found your website today and I LOVE it. Speaking of OCD . . . one of my crazy my pregnancy obsessions was reorganizing the kitchen cabinets and bathroom drawers! Don’t know if I did a good job, but I worked really hard :). I would love to get insight from an expert. Between my dramatic 3 year old and new 5 week old, I could use the help organizing my daily routines!!

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    As a new mum to be would love this book (need this book too!!!). Am a subscriber to the newsletter.


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    I need to be more organized when it comes to the papers that flow into this house – letters, bills, invoices etc.

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    Seems like no one visited her blog as requested? But I did and it’s GREAT! The scenario with Natalie and the bathroom is so me and I would LOVE a one hour consult. I literally just saw this book at Borders last week and came home, looked it up on Amazon and put it in my wish list. We are having TWINS in May and you can imagine how important being organized will be.

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    I’m an email subscriber and have been for almost a year! Before the redesign which I love!

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    I’m a follower all the way. With the recent addition of my 16 year old brother-in-law to our house, which already contains my two children (7yrs & 6 mo.) and two dogs (one of which is only 12 wks old), I need all the help I can get with organization. LOVE this site. Has given me SOOO much inspiration. THANK YOU!

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    I love this! Definitely want a copy and if I won I might give it to my sister who is a first time mom of twins…er, nah!! I’m keepin’ it!! Who doesn’t need help with organization?

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    I’ve been trying to get more organized, this is just the motivation I need to tackle all this stuff.

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    Hi – I am a subscriber & I would love a copy of this book as I’m a first-time-mom to be (Due in June!) and am trying to wrap my head around getting organized with all things baby! Where to put the stuff, the kid, the clothes – it’s a bit overwhelming! Thank you for the giveaway!

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    I just found your site today and I love it! I am currently pregnant with my first child and I have a feeling I am going to need all the help I can get in developing an efficient routine once the baby arrives. I also checked out her blog and the recent recipe she listed sounds great! I am adding it to the shopping list. Thanks!!

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    Ok, just became a FB friend too. LOVE this website. Just found it today. Great ideas. The organizing mommy book looks FAB too.

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    I’m a working mom with a 2 year old. My organization leaves much to be desired. Love the updates on Facebook!!

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    I’m a mother of a 20 mnth old daughter and have another one otw!!! I’m in desperate need of organization for both children (myself too)

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