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A Fashionable Child

There are always the basics that are needed when it comes to designing a childs room. Somewhere to dream those fabulous childhood fantasies, a place to put treasures and a space to work and create. Sleep, storage and seating. Establishing how those elements lay out in a room is always a challenge whenever designing any space. Everything working to reflect the style of the person who lives there. Like my book, The Well Dressed Home, I love starting with the unique style of the child. Everyone is different and every child has an idea of what they like. Ask any four year old what their favorite color is and they will gladly shout it out. What child hasn’t had a favorite sweater that they have to wear every day to school. I remember my son having to have his homemade bead necklace on a string around his neck everyday. He would not leave the house without it. There are small hints to your childs style if you look. In the following rooms I am going to share with you how a certain style can best represent a child’s personality and dreams. There are many possibilities… lets take a look.

Boys and Girls

It can be said that they are very different boys and girls. Often the color direction for the sexes is pink for girls and blue for boys. Thankfully a lot has been introduced into child’s room decor that steps away from the pink and blue. Raspberry and navy, orange and olive are just a few of the new combinations. Blue is not just for boys anymore and grown up color palettes are making their way into the nursery and child’s rooms.

A room that uses blue as a neutral. Works for either boy or girl. The indian style fabric on the chair adds a contrast punch to the soft blue sofa with modern accents. The room is an instant update to the baby blue boy room. Hints of modern art above the couch in a dog theme could work anywhere in the house.

Grown up Decor

A four poster bed makes a great hang out area for these boys in a room with a grown up look. Themes are always popular in children’s decor however, I am a true believer of staying very mindful of not over using them. One does not want to presume too much…leave a little to be imagined and discovered.

Nature – Every Child’s Playground

Subtle look to an animal theme…A little goes a long way and this room has just the right balance. Soft sages and gold tones. Maps to travel by…one of a kind stuffed animals that are unique and special.

Check out our Bamboo Sand bedding for a neutral addition to your child’s room.


One can never have enough pink in my book. To me it is the greatest neutral. I have been most happiest in an all pink living room! So pink to me is always right. Like a bakery shelf lined with icing and goodies…pink makes me happy. So when my girls were little, I of course, used pink in their rooms. It is just soo hard not to. By the time I had my third girl, Lena, I was ready for blue. But for those of you who like me enjoy pink, here are a few good reasons to never give up on pink.

I love this crib nursery image, it is simple and clean. The hand painted all white mural on the crib wall is perfect. A sweet little accent in the nursery. If you want to add clean stencil like art to your child’s room check out this site.

Check out our India Toile Pink Bedding for a similar look to for your little girls room.

When Pink Becomes Raspberry

Every little girl grows up eventually and with them so do tastes and ideas. No longer satisfied with their mothers decor little girls start to command a room of their own. Pink becomes raspberry, lilac becomes purple and blues and yellows become turquoise. Bulletin boards begin to fill with collage capturing the life of a young girl and the room takes on a personality of its own. I love the disorder and order of my girls rooms. Each one is unique and different and reflects the personality of its occupant. No room is alike. Ella, my twelve year old daughter, is more bold, Lena my six year old, still enjoys pink with sage and my eldest, Olivia is a vintage blue girl. As they get older and start to adapt their own personal styles, I am happy to hand over the reigns. As every parent knows, there are bigger fish to fry.

I love the idea of hanging butterflies in a little girl’s room. Its simple yet sophisticated. Check out our Goa Sorbet Bedding for a similar look to for your little girls room.

Every child’s room should have a place to hang out and rest. In todays world especially, there is so much to learn and assimilate for our little ones…a place to rest is essential.

When Baby Blue becomes Navy

Boys will be boys so the saying goes. As the little ones become big ones…wide open spaces, secret hideaways, and special collections of anything are the rule.

It is always a great reminder that your little ones are growing up when they ask for the “sleep over.” Fun nights filled with flashlights and movies can be spent in bunk beds or side by side twins for sharing a room.

So as your child’s sense of who she or he is grows and expands so will their living spaces. Remember to leave room for them to branch out, discover and create their own special environments. Visit to view our online catalogs filled with inspiration and great baby and child bedding for your little boy or girl.

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Wednesday 28th of July 2010

hey! im just barely about to turn 25 and ive been laboring a a wee bit as a student model. Ive been doing yoga for many months now and I plan to study in Goa India.

Jane Moody

Monday 5th of July 2010

Such creativity. The ideas presented and expressed are an inspiration to keep going. Adding new colors and ideas to todays world is really why do it. Thanks

Cricut Create

Friday 21st of May 2010

Amazing, I found your site on google looking around for something completely unrelated and I really enjoyed your site. I will stop by again to read some more posts. Thanks!


Sunday 7th of March 2010

Can anyone tell me where to find the light blue sofa in the "Boys and Girls" portion of the post? I love it!

Kimberly Aardal

Tuesday 16th of February 2010

The pink girls room is lovely. The wall stencil is amazing and the canopy over the bed are both so unique and beautiful and girlie without being too frilly.

I loved all of the photos and different clever ideas!

Kimberly Aardal Publisher,