Giveaway: Introducing Annette Tatum

We are so excited to introduce to you Annette Tatum. She’s an accomplished textile, home and children’s designer, business owner, book author and she’s now sharing her design expertise with us beginning next month as a regular contributor on Project Nursery.  You may have heard the buzz about Annette’s latest bedding collection or you may be currently deciding between which Little House crib set to choose from for your new nursery.  We’ll now you can get to know Annette. We enjoyed doing so with this little Q&A…

How would you describe your personal style? I always have said that my personal style is made of many layers. I am drawn to a lot of different looks. Although, I am a traditionalist at heart, I have always been interested in designs that have timeless qualities.

How old are your kids and how did you choose to decorate their rooms? I have 4 children ages 7 to 18. My eldest has just gone to college. When they were little, I was in charge of the room decor. However, as they have gotten older, I have had to let go of what I like and want. They each have their own personal style now. My 7 year old is the only boy in the family so I have had to think very differently about his room decor. For example, lots of room for building and jumping, shelves for collecting and displaying his many collections. The girls’ rooms are all very different. My eldest is into vintage, my middle child is more modern and Lena, the youngest girl, is still very into pink.

With the success of Little House why launch the Annette Tatum Collection? The Annette Tatum Collection is a more eclectic collection. There are many different looks to Annette Tatum – modern, bohemian classic and more. The color palettes are bolder and brighter. The little house collection is still very much based on the traditional vintage looks that are classic to baby and child.

What inspired you to create The Well-Dressed Home? I have always loved fashion. As a designer for home decor I have always been inspired and fascinated with the fabrics and designs of the fashion industry. I have discovered along the way that my own personal style translates into my home decor choices. As a designer for Little House, this book offered an opportunity to step outside of my company and really explore what I personally like and what my passions are including where people find inspirations from. As a business owner, I often design for the consumer and not necessarily for myself. This book was from my heart which perhaps is why it is so inspiring to others.

And how does it inspire others? It encourages people to look at their own dress code and apply it to their home decor. You know what colors you like and what makes you feel good. What you wore 20 years ago changes over time and it is reflected in your home style. I encourage you to look inside the layers of your life; most often people are a mix of styles and these elements can be found in your home.

Can your tips be applied to a kid-friendly home? Yes, if you are a mom, take a look at how you dress. Most likely you are more practical these days and the fabrics that you wear are more durable, more casual and easy. As a mom, you prioritize areas of your home as well. A dining room is for adult time, but that probably only makes up 1/8th of your home. As a parent, the design of your home is more a form of function. You wouldn’t have silk slip covers in the family room, just like you wouldn’t wear a ball gown to the park.

What is your advice in the nursery for expecting parents? There should be some key elements in a nursery like a crib, a changing table, a place to nurse and storage. Also, you need to be able to make the room a play room as well as a sanctuary for sleeping. Even though these are the basic elements however, it shouldn’t look like an institution. It should have a homemade touch such as a bulletin board with photos. Your baby’s needs change so rapidly and so will your nursery. A changing table should convert to a dresser after 1 year. A crib should change to a bed because it can be costly. Kids have so much “stuff” and it continues to grow as they grow. I recommend using storage that is creative and fun, yet functional enough that kids can find their favorite toys.

Also, have the mindset that this room will morph over the next 2 years before it settles into a zone. You may have a certain look in mind for your child’s nursery but in 5 years your child will have his opinions on the room as well and you have to leave room for their opinions. Often times we set up a nursery to look perfect, but in reality they should be a space for kids to create and really, the most precious thing in the room is the child.

Exclusive for Project Nursery Readers: Annette is offering signed copies of her gorgeous new book, The Well-Dressed Home. Enter promo code “Nursery” to receive $10 off the retail price.

Win It! Annette Tatum is giving away a signed copy The Well-Dressed Home to one lucky Project Nursery reader. Visit Annette Tatum’s newest bedding collection and let us know which design you love the most! (You’ll have trouble just picking one!). Contest ends Friday, January 22nd, 2009 at 11:59pm PST.

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    I LOVE her work. The Grande fleur peony is my favorite bedding. It is so girly! I would love this book. Thank you for this great giveaway!

    Lindsay Lee

  7. 7

    Thank you for introducing Annette Tatum. The book is just gorgeous. And as you said it’s really hard to pick one of her bedding deesigns!

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    I am a fabric addict, and the cover of that book makes me drool with pleasure!
    Love her Daisy bedding — the use of blue in a still-girly way.

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    I just became a FB fan. I’m a brand new mom-to-be. I’m totally clueless as to what to buy, how to decorate, etc. I LOVE your site. Very inspirational!

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    I can’t decide between Hopscotch Petal or Bingo Petal. All of it is adorable! I am following you on Twitter & FB too.


  37. 37

    I love the Goa Sand, it would complement my paint color beautifully! Too bad I can’t afford new bedding quite this moment, sigh!
    Thank you for the giveaway

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    What an eye she has for color and design! I am envious…..Any of her bedding would make me a happy
    camper! The cover of her book is lovely and eye-catching. The GOA SAND is my favorite bedding
    collection. Many thanks, Cindi

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    You are right. It was hard to pick just one but I did. My favorite is Pirouette Whisper. It is beautiful.

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  59. 59

    It’s hard to pick one….but I have to go with the “India Toile Petal”…just beautiful!!

  60. 60

    Delightful bedding, I love the Sprout Meadow design! It would really brighten up my sons bedroom :-)

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    egad she uses way too much pink, almost half of the colors were pink so it was much easier to pick for me since about 1/2 were elminated right off the bat

    I did really like the brocade orchid though

  84. 84
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  86. 86

    Either the Chevron or the Pirouette are my favorites. They are both calm and remind me of summers at the beach.

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