The Rocker Debate

The big debate…chair or no chair?? I fought with myself for weeks trying to decide whether or not to get a “glider/rocker” for the arrival of my 2nd baby. I did not splurge with the first child so my rationale was there was no need this time around. I started to think how nice it would be to have a comfy chair post c-section to cuddle with my new bundle of joy.

The decision…after an endless search and a waited-too-long-to-order-gilder extravaganza, I finally came to the conclusion that I needed one. I searched all my local baby boutiques and super stores but because of my delayed decision, the glider/rocker/recliner that I had been eyeing up would not arrive until 12 weeks after baby Blake’s arrival. So I had to move on to “plan B”.

The find…not only was 12 weeks to long to wait but the $1000.00 price tag was a little over my already extended baby budget. After an extensive Internet search I came across the same glider/rocker/recliner that I found in my earlier search for less that $600.00!!

The details… carries Little Castle upholstered nursery gliders in various styles. My chair shipped to the store for FREE, and arrived in less than 2 weeks!! There are plenty of chair styles to choose from and the only drawback is that your choice of colors / fabrics are limited. I ended up getting a chair that was upholstered in a perfect beige, wide whale plush chenille and absolutely LOVE it! Little did I know I would be fighting with my husband over who’s turn it was to sit in this chair…thank goodness football season is almost over.

Pictured here are a few of the chairs that are available…

Enchanted Camelot Glider in Espresso with Eggshell Piping $384.88

Coordinating Gliding Ottoman $139.88

Enchanted Chambord Glider in Pink Micro-Suede $399.88

Coordinating Gliding Ottoman $139.88

Enchanted Sterling Glider / Recliner in Plush Taupe Chenille $549.88


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    We used a Little Castle glider from Walmart in one of our nursery designs for a client who had a strict budget. After doing some research, we learned that the fill in the cushions and the basic construction are lower quality than a true Little Castle chair, but they look fantastic and are a great option if you are on a budget!

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    I HAD to have a rocker and got one before my little babe was born. I have used it more now than I did when he was first born and I was nursing. I do love my chair and intend to bring it in my room eventually when we get a bigger house. It was the Amy Coe one from Babies R Us. Great price and great quality. Although I haven’t seen it lately in the store. I don’t know if they they carry it anymore.

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    Just stumbled across your blog. There’s two rockers that I just found that are a bargain compared to the $1000+ Monte Rockers (luca, alto, grano, etc…). My wife is pregnat and I personally think that finding affordable furnitire is one of the most frustrating things about this whole process. Good luck

    1) EQ3 Karbon chair (starting at $499 + $100 for glider and swivel feature). This chair is hard to find locally and cannot be purchased online.

    2) Ikea Karlstad chair + footstool ($399 + $199).[email protected]/3465021593

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    I had the same debate and ended up not purchasing one because we were on such a tight budget, but I have to say if Walmart had these 6 years ago, I may have reconsidered…the pink is my favorite….a show piece for any nursery.

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    I bought my Little Castle Glider from Posh Tots and have to say it was a fabulous experience–ecellent customer service, fast delivery and an amazing assortment of fabric choices (patterns you’d actually want in your home, not just your baby’s room). I found that they often have sales or coupon codes that make their prices the best out there on these gliders (only a tad more than Walmart for the real thing!). I got a custom glider and ottoman for about $850 with coupon code. I would highly recommend checking them out.

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    With my first child I purchased a very inexpensive wooden-type rocker and hated it. When our second little man came along, I found one similar to the pink one above, but in soft yellow. It made all the difference! I love the softness of the upholstery compared to the wooden arms of the other chair. It still sits in my studio and I’ll sit and rock while reading or having morning coffee. I love it!!

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    I have found that a lot of folks don’t/can’t afford to spend $800-1,000 on a recliner/rocker, which I do think is ridiculous. On the other hand many people don’t like the look of gliders and consider them “ugly”. So that is why I have found a good reception to the rockers that I hand craft – they combine the look of a traditional rocking chair, with the upholstered comfort of a glider, for a lot less than you’d pay at Pottery Barn or other such places. Plus, I can ship these chairs economically anywhere in Canada and the U.S.

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    I would splurge and go for a monte- thru all my research, I tried most of these chairs, and went with the monte luca. It is more money, but a much better investment in the long run. Good luck!

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