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DIY: Crocheted Flower Garland

One of our very crafty readers, Sara, sent us this adorable crocheted flower garland DIY project which she has featured on her blog. She has shard a past DIY project with us and we decided our readers might like to give it a try this one too. I think its been 15 years since I last saw a crochet hook but I’m sure its just like riding a bike. I did take a knitting class when pregnant with my first and had so much fun creating something for my little baby to be. Here are all the details on the floating flower garlands:

Isn’t this just the cutest? This is my ode to the almond blossoms that will bloom in another two weeks or so in my part of the world, coinciding with the Jewish holiday of Tu B’Shevat. I just love fruit trees in bloom, and these crocheted flowers are so different and yet so similar to the real thing. This would be just adorable in a baby’s room, in fact it would be adorable just about anywhere except in my dining room where it is currently hanging (it actually looks cute there too, just not exactly suited to the decor!) Do remind me to make a version that goes with earthy greens and golds and Moroccan style would you? I would love to do it!

In any case, if you don’t know how to crochet I highly suggest that you learn, because you can make the small flowers in about 4 minutes each, and the large flowers in about 6 minutes each. I sat crocheting at a meeting the other night and left with a sandwich bag full of tiny blooms! A great take along project to make use of those unused minutes here and there.

You’ll Need:

crochet hook size 5mm (size h) or whatever hook size is suited to your yarn choice

worsted weight yarn of any content, I used what was on hand, cheap acrylic

gage obviously isn’t important here, so use chunky yarn and make larger flowers, or use finer yarn and make smaller flowers, whatever suits you!


Here is a close up photo of the two flowers I made, and you can see their relative sizes. Though of course there are many many patterns like this out in the world, I chose these for their simplicity and how nicely they work together. You can even make layered flowers by attaching the small flower to the middle of the big flower—a fun addition to a hat or piece of clothing.