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Cuckoo for Cuckoo Clocks

We are so thrilled to welcome Naomi and Gerri, the talented women behind Little Crown Interiors, to the Project Nursery family. They are well known in the nursery design world and have created some of the most dazzling and luxurious nurseries and children’s rooms we have ever laid eyes on. It is a real pleasure to add them to the team as featured contributors. Today’s post is just the beginning so be sure to keep your eyes out for more to come!

After designing countless nurseries, we have learned that every nursery needs a clock. Why? Because those early days of round-the-clock feedings, diaper changes and nap schedules require a mom to keep a good track of time. A great idea is to position the clock in an area of the room that gets some light (even a nightlight will do) so you can read it without having to turn on the main lights in the room.

About 2 years ago, I came across a hot pink mini cuckoo clock during a random web search and I have been waiting to use one in a nursery ever since! A few months ago, we were working with a client on her fabulous hot pink and white nursery and she had a very narrow wall-space right at the entrance of her room. It was a boring blank spot just aching for a big, shiny cuckoo clock!

After an exhaustive search for the perfect clock, I came across one from Pascal Tarabay that I still have dreams about. It’s not cheap, but the design and quality are unmatched.

Check out the amazing finish options they have….mirrored, colored lacquer and faux-wood. The greatest thing about this clock? The actual cuckoo-noise mechanism can be turned off so you won’t wake up your little one every hour on the hour.

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Wednesday 3rd of June 2015

I absolutely love clocks, I wish I didn't see this blog post so late. That cuckoo looks so beautiful.

I ended up getting a starry sky because I liked the sounds it made, I bought it from my local shop but here is what it looks like.

Now you really have me wanting a cuckoo for our dining area. Haha

Little Apple Design LA

Wednesday 6th of January 2010

That is such a small world Jill! You guys must have all drank the same kool-aid with your awesome talent for design! I enjoy visiting you on Material Girls! Hope all is well...

Jill Seidner Interior Design

Wednesday 6th of January 2010

Congrats Naomi on your joining Project Nursery! Looking forward to reading your blog posts! And as always - great nursery project! (Each project you do is always so unique and individual!)

(Melisa: Small world but Naomi's mom and my dad used to work together...I've known her mom since I was little, we also grew up in the same neighborhood, & I went to high school with her sister.)

The Party Dress

Wednesday 6th of January 2010

Welcome to Project Nursery! :)

Party Box Design

Wednesday 6th of January 2010

How exciting!