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DIY: Butterfly Mobile

Kelly’s butterfly party inspiration board also had me dreaming of Spring and how beautiful butterfly silhouettes can be in a little girls room. I figured that now is the perfect time to share with you a favorite DIY project of mine from reader Caroline Alarie who made her very own version of the impressive Kids Butterfly Chandelier from Pottery Barn Kids There’s no longer the need to shed a tear because it’s been discontinued but rather jump for joy knowing you can make a replica for a mere $20!

What inspired you to create this project?
I saw a similar mobile in a store and it was very expensive but looked very simple. It inspired me to make my own with my own personal touches. This mobile cost me less than $20 to make.

Please share with us step by step, detailed instructions.

– 16″ embroidery hoop (bigger or smaller depending the size of your mobile)
– (2) strips of 1/2″ balsa wood
– White acrylic paint
– Card stock paper (I used a nice shimmer card stock)
– A butterfly template made of  heavier card stock (I used a 3″ X 3″ sized butterfly shape)
– Nylon thread and needle
– (17) medium size glass beads
– (78) small glass beads
– (1) small metal or plastic ring
– Glue gun, scissors, cutting mat and pencil

1 .Use only the inside ring if the embroidery hoop (the one without the screw system).
2. Cut balsa wood into (4) strips to fit across the diameter if the hoop.
3. Glue these strips across the diameter of the hoop like a pie.
4. Paint the hoop and wood white.
5. Draw (95) butterflies on your choice of card stock paper using a butterfly template.
6. Cut out each butterfly.
7. Cut (8) threads to your desired length to hang from the ceiling. Attach one end of the thread to the balsa wood and then attach the other end of the thread to the ring in the center.
8. Place a medium size glass bead onto the first butterfly. Tie a knot using a small size bead to thread the next butterfly leaving a space in between. Continue until all the desired butterflies are on one string.
9. Repeat process for each string. You should end up with (8) sections on the hoop attached to (8) strings on the outer circle with (5) butterflies on each string / (8) strings in the middle part of the hoop with (6) butterflies on each string / and (1) string with (7) butterflies attached to the center of the hoop. This creates the hanging chandelier effect.
10. Lastly, glue some butterflies on the outside of the ring for a finishing touch!

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Great tutorial, thank you! Can't wait to try it out.