Baby’s Best Blankies

Blankies, lovies, night-nights, security blankets, woobies, dee-dees….most kids end up hanging on dearly to one of their baby blankets. My own favorite “blankie” was a white thermal blanket with a thick satin white edge. I loved the corners to death. My mom always tells me a story about how we went to visit my grandparents in another town, and we forgot it at their house. I couldn’t sleep until it arrived via FedEx the next day. I guess you could say that I was slightly attached. I finally gave it up at a late age, after being bribed with a Cabbage Patch Kid.

Barefoot Dreams ~ Barefoot Buddies ~ Nordstrom

For my first child’s baby shower, my brother and his wife sent the sweetest monogrammed pale blue blankie with a little puppy attached, made by Barefoot Dreams. This blankie even made it into my son’s newborn hospital photo. He ended up loving it (I promise, I gave him other options) and we ended up with 3 of them that were rotated for washing. When he started talking, he lovingly named it “night-night”. We have no idea where that came from, but it was sweet, nonetheless. His night-nights are now saved in his memory box and I pull them out once in awhile to show him. Even though he’s 4 1/2, they always bring a sweet smile to his face.


Before my daughter was born, I decided that she had to have the Barefoot Dreams blankie, too. In pink, of course, with the little bunny instead of the puppy. I’m a little particular and when I get ideas in my head, I usually see them through. So, without fail, her sweet little pink blankie made it into her newborn photo. She also fell in love with her little blankies, and they quickly became known as night-nights, as well. She still cuddles and sleeps with her night-night every night.

I thought it would be fun to share a few of my favorite blankets that I’ve purchased in the past for baby showers {top collage}, including cozy ones made by Little Giraffe, Petunia Pickle Bottom, My Blankee & Swaddle Designs. I also did a little searching today on Etsy, and found adorable ones made by My Wooby & Me, Mod Baby, and Rags & Ribbons {collage below}.

My Woobie & Me ~ Minky Lovey in Tweet Tweet
Rags & Ribbons ~ Brown & Blue Chic Cheetah Lovey
Mod Baby ~ Bella in Hot Pink & Lime
My Woobie & Me ~ Chocolate & Aqua Damask Little Woob

My Blankee ~ Classic Collection Pinstripe
Petunia Pickle Bottom ~ Receiving Blanket
Little Giraffe ~ Chenille Duo Blanket
Swaddle Designs ~ Baby Lovie Blanket in Blue

Does your baby/child have a favorite blankie?
We would love to hear about your favorites!


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    Both of my girls have favorite Blankies and both are blankies that nanna made for them

    My oldest is 7 yrs old and her Blankie is ready for the rag bag but she will not give it up for nothing!!! Nanna has made her several new blankies trying to get her to put away her old one but there is no way this is going to happen. She will put it away for a day or 2 but as soon as she is feeling ill or a little bit down out comes binkie to cuddle with.

    My youngest it 2 and nanna was wise enough to make 2 identical blankies for her so that we can rotate them and hopefully keep them healthier a little longer. Her “mine” as she calls her blankie goes everywhere she goes. We never have any trouble getting her to sleep while on holidays as long as her “mine” is with her.

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    I am so glad to hear that you are able to wash the barefoot dreams blankets! I received the bunny one just like your daughter’s when our second daughter arrive 8 weeks ago…the tag says you can’t wash the animal part, but that you can wash the blanket…when I wrote them to ask how I was supposed to keep it clean they said to only spot clean it–I haven’t given it to her yet for that reason, but since you have had success with washing, I guess I will go ahead and introduce it! any specific advice you can offer on the cleaning? i don’t want to ruin it–it is so precious!

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    I was curious about washing the blankets too. I was thinking if you wash it on the delicate cycle that it might be okay. I really want to get one of these for my sister’s baby, due in July. She also has a 4 year old, and I got her a blanket similar to barefoot dreams one from Wal-mart, but it did not hold up too well.

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    My daughter, who just turned 15, has a handmade blanket that was given to her when she was born. It is so cute ~~ paper dolls fabric with her name appliqued across the bottom! It is practically falling apart…I’ve repaired it several times, but it continues to lose it’s battle with the washer! The batting is showing in several areas, too! Since I handmake baby items, including personalized blankets, through my own etsy shop, I have offered to make her a new one, but she just won’t part with her blanket! Oh well…..

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    Victoria – Your son & his “bays” are adorable!
    Kim – So cute….”mine!”
    Colleen – Your blankies are so cute and cuddly…I love the giraffe print!
    Ashley/Sonya – The puppies/bunnies on the Barefoot Buddies, do eventually fall off. I washed the entire blankie/stuffed animal constantly. Of course, it loses it’s original softness after months of washing, but the kids still love them! :) I think they say to air dry it (same with the Little Giraffe ones), to keep them soft…but I always throw them in the dryer and they seem just fine!
    Karen – That was so me…..wouldn’t let go, even though it was falling apart! :)

    Thanks for your comments, ladies!

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    When I was expecting my son, I was given a Barefoot Dreams blanket as well. Little cream colored lovey with a brown bear. For those who have never touched a Barefoot Dreams blanket fresh from its gift box, it is heavenly. Ethan developed a love affair with the blanket and I panicked that one day that sucker might get lost. Yes, I bought a replacement just in case. Bear Number One became quite tattered and Bear Two was following suite. I bought Bear Number Three. You would think I could have, should have, would have put one or two away but my baby had different plans. Ethan, who once called his bear “Bear-Bear” soon started taking the trio to bed and renamed them “The Guys”.
    A little over five years now, he is not so dependent on The Guys, but beams when he snuggles in with one after any absence.

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    My now four year old daughter received a Little Giraffe blanket from my former boss’s mom and dad right after she was born. It’s the one with the chenille on one side and the satin on the other, with the satin trim. I was afraid to give it to her for awhile because it was so soft and I was afraid if she spit up on it and I had to wash it, the softness would go away too quick. But once I did finally let her have it, it quickly became a favorite. She turned four in December and to this day, it is still her favorite blanket and a must have for couch lounging and bedtime. She calls it “Cold Blankie” because of the satin side, and when she is using it to cover, the satin side MUST be the side that touches her. She also has “Bear Blankie” which is a formerly white, now kind of gray, little blanket with a bear head and arms. She’s had that ever since she was born and it is also one of the items she must take with her and have at bedtime. She has been so attached, that for her second birthday I baked a cake and made her bear blankie out of fondant to put on top (and it was pretty cute, if I do say so myself). The third is “Yellow Blankie” which is actually more of a cream, and is the Classic Pooh blanket my brother and s-i-l got her when she was born.

    As for my son, who is now 10 months old, he also received a Little Giraffe blanket (this time from my former boss instead of his parents), however, I haven’t really let him use it yet :) He sleeps with his Puppy blanket, that his sister picked out and is like her Bear Blankie. So far he isn’t attached like she is!

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    An old friend just sent me a Little Giraffe blanket as a gift, it is about the softest thing ever and I can’t wait to use it!

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    I gave my baby niece (she’s 7 now) a pink Little Giraffe Blanket for Christmas when she was a couple months old. (I actually got hit by a yellow cab that was backing down Post Street in the middle of the crazy 4 days before Christmas, shopping insanity while trying to pick it up before the store closed LOL. I HAD to have that blanket from Gumps!). Anyway, so when my nephew was born, I had to get him a blue one. He hasn’t touched the blue one because he took his sisters haha. Her’s (now his) is so worn out after 7 years of washing. It’s falling apart, but he loves it. It’s his blankee, never mind that it was his Sissy’s and he has a blue one haha. I just love it.

    I give them at all the baby showers now.

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