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The Swag Bag – How Swanky

My designer red high-heels fell by the wayside years ago (not so long after baby). Although I still firmly believe that a splash of red heels paired with a sleek black suit is ideal for a corporate NYC winter work day. Now, move your eyes up from the red shoes below and let’s focus on that fun, fab diaper bag!

JJ Cole recently introduced a new diaper bag that is not only functional but fashionable! The Swag bag comes with stroller grips, a changing pad, a wallet (I’d probably do without but nice effort), insulated side pockets and adjustable straps. And the best part…it doesn’t look like your hauling a bunch of diapers and wipes. Ah, I just love a good-looking bag when I see one.


Wednesday 29th of December 2010

I bought the swag bag and I love it! My baby isn't due until feb 20 so I haven't used it yet, but I know I'll love it because it's so cute!


Thursday 10th of December 2009

I always switched out of diaper bags very early in my desire to get back to something more fashionable, however if I had a Swag bag I wouldn't have had to!