Real Parties: Pretty In Pink (& Green)

Little Charli enjoyed a perfectly pink 1st birthday.  With sweet details such as a signature drink named the “Charli-tini” and the cutest darn bloomers I’ve ever seen, it’s no wonder mom is the creator behind Party Box Design. From custom cupcakes, floral arrangements to thank you notes, Party Box Design will work with you plan party perfection, one cupcake at a time!

Child’s name: Charli Paige
Age: 1
Location: Charli’s House

What is the theme of the party and why?
Pink & Green and all the shades in between!

Did you find inspiration from any particular photos or websites?
Nope, its just in my head!

Please share with us where you purchased your supplies.
The water bottle lables were purchased from bottle your brand. The glass vases were purchased from Michael’s.

What was was the most creative item you made for the party?
My mother and I made a gorgeous cupcake tower! I spent 9 hrs making cupcakes and I also made all the florals for the event!

Do you have any advice or tips for someone inspired to throw a similar party?
Yes, you can definitely get inspiration from my party… change the colors, select different patterns, go with stripes over polka dots, and wow a whole new look!


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    AWESOME PARTY! so cute and darling! love the centerpieces, and the cupcakes, and the bloomers, and the water bottles, and the tables, and the cupcakes…wait, i already said that… heck scratch one thing i love, i love it all!

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    How pretty. Don’t you just love cupcake towers. I actually think all the individually frosted cupcakes with their swirled peaks are prettier than one large cake. The pinks and greens she choose are perfect together.

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    Oh my goodness! I’m in love with the pink and green! My little Addilyn’s room is all different shades of pink and green! She’s only 3 months, but this is already putting ideas in my head for her birthday! :)

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