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Lonny Magazine

It was a sad day for Melisa and I when we learned Domino Magazine was closing up shop earlier this year. We looked to the design mag for its wonderful display of accessible products, design inspiration, do-it-yourself projects with always a little whimsy thrown in. That’s what made the monthly publication so fun. No need to be so glum anymore. If you haven’t heard there is a new bi-monthly online interior design resource called Lonny (name’s a combo of London and New York) which was launched by a former Domino-er and a freelance photographer. The first issue went live in October and the second issue was just released last week.



Lonny is visually as beautiful as a glossy magazine and still grants the reader “flipping” pleasure but adds the digital advantage of being able to click on features for instant information. We can respect and are familiar with their marketing style, totally organic. They have heavily relied on the blogging community to spread the word.  Our only hope is that they start to integrate nursery and children’s design into the magazine. So, Lonny, if you are listening, please tempt us with some inspiring nurseries and playrooms . We’d love to see what you dream up!



Tuesday 3rd of May 2011


scene porn

Saturday 23rd of October 2010



Wednesday 16th of December 2009

Thank you for bringing this great magazine to our attention!