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There is nothing more memorable then the first ultrasound appointment when you finally get a glance of your baby. A tiny person with fingers and toes, hands and feet, lips and ears. It’s nothing short of amazing. Of course it is nice to take home the little black and white photo from the doctor’s office, but how great would it be to preserve such a beautiful moment by artfully capturing that image? Our friends at My First Silhouette have made it possible to forever cherish this timeless treasure into a priceless, original piece of art.



My First Silhouette offers two options, print or canvas. The paper giclee prints are created using high quality paper and archival ink and can be beautifully matted and framed. The “gallery wrapped” canvas prints are water and crack resistant and can be hung on their own or framed.  Just send them a digital file via e-mail or mail them a copy of one of your ultrasounds, select your color combination, text and size. You will then receive a proof and in about one month your beautiful print will arrive ready to be displayed for everyone to see…it’s that easy. This beautiful keepsake makes a perfect shower gift or baby arrival gift for all to enjoy.


Oh…and did I mention?  I just received my very own canvas today…much thanks to My First Silhouette.  What a treasure!  I absolutely love my gallery wrapped canvas and the quality is top-notch.  I could not be more pleased with this made-for-me masterpiece!

Win It! My First Silhouette is giving away one 8” x 10” Gallery Wrapped Canvas ($80 value) to a lucky Project Nursery reader! Visit My First Silhouette and comment back with your thoughts on this uniquely personalized wall art!

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    I’m a subscriber. That’s so cool. I’m expecting at the end of the month and trying to decorate too. What perfect art idea.

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    What a great way to display these images rather than tucked away at the back of the pregnancy journal!

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    I love the canvas prints – so beautiful, and a wonderful way to show the “art” of an unborn baby!

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    I can’t believe I haven’t seen something like this before b/c it is such a terrific idea! Will be forwarding to all of my pregnant friends!

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    I’m a subscriber and a follower on FB and twitter- I’m due March 5 and would love a print to be part of the nursery decor!

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    Love, love, LOVE this! Can you imagine the possibilities using 3D ultrasounds? How cool!

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    what a beautiful way to remember those cherished moments when your baby is growing and moving so close to your heart. love!

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    I love the canvas prints. What a unique piece of artwork. I’m having a little girl in 5 weeks. This would be perfect in her room. Love it. Jessie

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    Those gallery wraps are beautiful. It would be perfect for my baby’s room. She’ll be here in February.

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    I am a fan on Facebook. I love this idea. So glad there are so many talented woman out there that think this stuff up so the rest of us can take the easy way and just order the cute stuff. Many thanks!
    Julie Browne

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    I absolutely LOVE this. It’s such a great idea and a unique gift for people. I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to win this for my 3 month old son’s room.

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    this is by far the coolest thing i have seen. ive seen silhouets but never a sono one done. awesome! would look great in my nursery

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    This is so original and inspiring. My fridge is cluttered with a myriad of ultrasound pictures–and I’m told they fade over time. What a clever way to keep the image forever!!

  54. 54

    I treasure my ultrasound pictures and would love to see them more often, especially displayed artfully. Clever idea. Thanks!

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    AMAZING!!! This has got to be the most original way to showcase such an important time in your life. I absolutely love the canvas piece!!

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    is that a pic of your nursey? wow,you’re so lucky you have the space for one plus it looks soooooooo lovely. my baby is due next march and im pretty excited.your blog provides so much inspiration:)

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    This is an absolute great idea!! I have never seen anything like this before and would love to win one of my own :)! This would also make a very cool baby shower gift idea!

    froggy_luver at hotmail dot com

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    Really enjoyed reading this post. I’m getting a lot of good ideas on how to decorate my baby boy’s room from your blog. I’m leaning towards buying a pink and brown baby bedding crib set. My due date is January 18th, so there’s still a little time for me to make up my mind. Hope it’s ok that I share this post on Facebook?

  70. 70

    Beatiful room!! I really love how you decorated your baby room and wondered if there would be anyway to find out how you painted the tree design? Did you have it profesionally painted or were you able to use a stencil. I was hoping to design a baby room similarily and would love any feedback if possible. Thank you, Heather

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    Wow what a great idea im in love with this! Im due in Sept and look at my babys ultrasound pictures everyday as many time as i can…it would be great to keep this as a keepsakes for the rest of her life aswell! Wish i win!

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    OMG! Love it! Was looking for a picture of our baby to put in canvas and hang above our fireplace to go with our wedding picture in canvas, NEVER thought to do an ultrasound pic! This would clear some space on our fridge :). What a great idea!!!!

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    A great post. This focuses almost exclusively on designers/visual media. Thanks for share your Incredibly beautiful post with all. We have always wanted to get into printing on canvas. Your post helps everyone to know more about canvas art work.

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