The Stuff Dreams are Made of

I think its good to indulge in a little fantasy once in awhile. My daughter seems to live in her own made up world quite often these days and she has repeatedly declared to my husband and I that her “other” family serves brownies for dinner not broccoli. Today’s post is dedicated to all those little wild imaginations out there.


Introducing custom built children’s interiors by Sweet Dream Custom Interiors. Completely over the top and amazingly fabulous, these creations are sure to bring out the wide eyes and big smiles. Sweet Dreams specializes in one-of-a-kind, theme beds, custom playhouses, and children’s furnishings, all fit for the prince or princess in your life. ¬†They are a small, family run, company and their motto is ,”If you dream it we can create it.” Some of their custom designs include the princess castle loft bed and the boys “surf shack” tree house bed. Have fun while browsing their online photo gallery. These fancy schmancy designs will cost you but oh what fun it would be on sleepover nights.



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    I just wanted to comment on how much I enjoy your blog. I subscribe and read the messages every day. I am getting loads of ideas for our nursery, it’s so inspirational. Thanks!

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    These are adorable, but just think of having to change the sheets. We had something similar in my son’s room when he was younger & it was a PAIN to change the sheets! lol

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