Real Parties: Fit For A Prince!

Being a mom of boys, I often wonder if I’m missing out on all the pink and purple princess themes out there: Halloween costumes, room decor and first birthdays! But who’s to say a prince theme isn’t in my future? Schafer’s mom Ashley, came up with this darling idea for his first birthday: a color palette of baby boy blues and greens, a little frog, and a sweets display fit for a Prince!

Child’s name: Schafer
Age: 1
Location: Charlotte, NC

What is the theme of the party and why?
For Schafer’s first birthday, I went with a “frog prince” theme. I couldn’t think of a more fitting theme for our sweet little boy; he is precious and loved by all! I went with a palette of greens and blues and think it turned out beautifully!

Did you find inspiration from any particular photos or websites?
I found the cutest invitations from and personalized them. I also found the cutest cupcake wrappers on and then designed the entire party around these two things. I think candy buffets are so pretty, and I have a sweet tooth, so I knew I wanted to incorporate one for Schafer’s party. I love how candy glistens in glass containers.

Please share with us where you purchased your supplies.
Cupcake Wrappers and Monogrammed Picks, by Orange1
Green & Blue m&ms, Michaels
Gummy frogs and mint chocolate malted balls,
Watermelon rock candy sticks,
Baking supplies from

What was was the most creative item you made for the party?
Definitely the cupcakes. I made all of them from scratch, including the icing. I’ve been itching to get into baking and make really pretty cakes and cupcakes, so this was my first attempt. I love tinting the icing to get those vibrant colors. The actual birthday cake could have looked better, but I need more practice!

I have been really inspired by the blog from coco cake. The owner is so talented and makes you want to attempt to be as good as she is!

Do you have any advice or tips for someone inspired to throw a similar party?
Just because it’s a first birthday party, doesn’t mean you can’t go all out. Your little one is worth every second you spend planning, creating, and making it special. When they are older, they will appreciate all the effort you made for their very first birthday. It’s the only time they will have a first birthday, so make it whatever you want it to be!


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    I think this is a great party idea! I want to do something like it for my daughter, maybe put a boa on the frog or something to girl it up. My daughter loves green and frogs, thank you for sharing this party!

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    Thank you for posting and sharing your idea with the rest of us, I’m prepering my son’s first b-day and I love your decor, good job…

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    Thanks everyone! This was my first endeavor into party planning and I’m totally addicted! My design business evaru,, has an interiors side and now an events side. I hope to add many more parties, showers and events to my website very soon! You’ve definitely got me encouraged!


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