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Giveaway: Daisy Barn Arts

Daisy Barn Arts is the real deal. Wall decor that is totally original, 100 % handmade with a whimsical charm. Perfectly sweet and unique for the nursery. The story goes that when searching for baby gifts for friends Daisy Barn Arts creator Kristen White was frustrated by all the over-commercialized,  mass produced art for kids. Having always had a passion for vintage items, Kristen looked to the handmade artwork of past decades for ideas. Originally inspired by crewel work designs popular in the 1970’s, which utilized the age-old art of wool embroidery on linen, she added printed fabrics and vintage buttons to give each piece an eclectic, bohemian feel. Kristen says, “no two pieces are identical. We also take pride in the fact that our items are eco-friendly and are created from reused, recycled, and organic materials. This includes vintage buttons, organic fabrics, found fabrics, and our signature authentic reclaimed barn wood frames.



Win It! Daisy Barn Arts is giving away a Pink, Blue or Yellow Elephant to one lucky Project Nursery reader! Visit Daisy Barn Arts and comment with your favorite piece. Or tell us about a piece of vintage art you already have. Contest ends Friday, September 25th, 2009 at 11:59pm PST.

Daisy Barn Arts is also offering a special discount to Project Nursery readers. Just enter “projectnursery” at checkout!

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  1. avatar Valerie says:

    My favorite are the elephants, though I can’t choose just one color. My grandmother loved elephants and since her death, I’ve become obsessed myself. It may not be artsy, but my favorite piece is a brass elephant sculpture she loved, that my uncle gave to me this year, several years after her death.

  2. avatar Heather H. says:

    I like the Sailboat.
    jswandrn @

  3. avatar Lily Kwan says:

    I subscribed to your blog.

  4. avatar Lily Kwan says:

    I became your Facebook fan.

  5. avatar Lily Kwan says:

    I love the Whimsical Owl!

  6. avatar Gianna says:

    Whimsical “Owl” :)

  7. avatar kathy pease says:

    fan on facebook kathylpease

  8. avatar kathy pease says:

    i love the pig :)

  9. avatar Alison says:

    I love the blue bird piece. It’s soooo cute. :)

    This would be a nice gift for the parents of the baby I am carrying. :D

    Thank you.

  10. avatar Ginny says:

    twitter ~ momof2dancers

  11. avatar Ginny says:

    I’m already a fan on facebook

  12. avatar Ginny says:

    Those elephants are so sweet, I love elephants & they are supposed to be really popular right now :) I don’t really have any vintage wall hangings that I can think of. I think we still have a crocheted owl that my parents had hanging up when I was first born, but not sure we actually still have it, lol.

    The owl, bird & elephant are all equal favorites for me!

  13. avatar susan smoaks says:


  14. avatar susan smoaks says:

    fb fan
    tony l smoaks

  15. avatar susan smoaks says:

    i love the lion

  16. avatar Lori says:

    tweeted @chaipoakgnr

  17. avatar Lori says:

    Now a fan of project nursery on FB Lori Moore

  18. avatar Lori says:

    I LOVE the bluebird print.

  19. avatar Sarah C says:


  20. avatar Sarah C says:

    I think the Owl print is really cute.

  21. avatar renee says:

    I like the lion. He looks a bit mischievous :)

  22. avatar Rosie says:

    I love the bluebird design :-)

  23. avatar melissa says:

    my favorite piece is the pink elephant!

  24. avatar Julie L says:

    I am a new email subscriber

  25. avatar Julie L says:

    They are all adorable but I like the bluebird the best

  26. avatar oneangel says:

    I love love LOVE the elephants!

  27. avatar Leslie Davis says:

    I adore the Giraffe.

  28. avatar Melanie says:

    I love the Monkey, so very cute.

    If I were to win, I would choose the Yellow!

  29. avatar Gabriel J. says:

    I love the Yellow Elephant. Make me a winner!

  30. avatar Mary A says:

    We really like the Whale. Thanks for the giveaway.

  31. avatar rachel says:

    ahhhh! This is so hard! I love every single piece, but I think my faves are the giraffe, the blue bird, the owl, and the elephant. If I could afford it, I would use them all! heading over to become a fan on facebook! Love this site!!

  32. avatar Jennifer Thompson says:

    I love the bluebird artwork, but honestly, it’s all adorable. I would love to hand one of these in my daughter’s nursery!

  33. avatar sarah says:

    i like the blue bird!

  34. avatar amanda thompson says:

    i subscribe

  35. avatar amanda thompson says:

    i love the pic of the little cow. i would love to get the little cow for my girld room and the little bull for my boys room! all the pics are so prettyy

  36. avatar Melissa Butler says:

    I adore the whimsical “Owl” ~ we are using a few owls in the nursery to be. The pink Elephant is very sweet as well.

  37. avatar Badger Momma says:

    I’m a subscriber.

  38. avatar Badger Momma says:

    I’m following you on Twitter.

  39. avatar Badger Momma says:

    I’m a fan of Project Nursery on Facebook as Jenine Herrell.

  40. avatar Badger Momma says:

    In addition to the giveaway elephant, I love the sailboat. Beautiful artwork!

  41. avatar Keitha says:

    I subscribe to email!

  42. avatar Keitha says:

    The blue elephant is my favorite, but I also really like the Girraff! This would look great in my nursery – I am in the process of decorating! Thanks

  43. avatar JennySabetti says:

    I just followed you on Twitter! @jennysabetti


  44. avatar teri says:

    I already subscribe.

  45. avatar teri says:

    I follow you on twitter. @teriblogs

  46. avatar teri says:

    I love them all, but the Giraffe in particular. My daughter is a big fan of giraffes. Great find!

  47. avatar Belinda M says:

    I follow on twitter as Prairiebelle and tweeted

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  48. avatar Belinda M says:

    Facebook fan – Belinda M

    Canadian Contests, Freebies, Coupons, Deals, Games and Chat – join us at


  49. avatar Belinda M says:

    I subscribe

    Canadian Contests, Freebies, Coupons, Deals, Games and Chat – join us at


  50. avatar Belinda M says:

    My favorite is the Yellow Elephant

    Canadian Contests, Freebies, Coupons, Deals, Games and Chat – join us at


  51. avatar Cindi says:

    Also, I follow you on Twitter!

  52. avatar Cindi says:

    I am a fan on your Facebook Page!
    Again, thanks…..Cindi

  53. avatar Cindi says:

    Their vintage frames and art are fabulous. It is the look that I love to decorate my home with.
    The “Yellow Clothesline” is really cute. I love their special touches like the buttons. Please
    enter me in your delightful drawing. I would love to hand the elephant picture in our family room.
    Many thanks, Cindi

  54. avatar Shelly says:

    I just subscribed!

  55. avatar Shelly says:

    The blue bird is simply sweet! Thats my fav!

  56. I am already a fan on facebook :) (kim delatorre)

  57. LOVE all of them!! But I really like the Bluebird! Thanks :)

  58. avatar Debbie Welchert says:

    I loved the bull. I also subscribed.

  59. avatar marian thomson says:

    Wonderful giveaway I ‘d love to win. I adore the bluebird. Thanks for the great giveaway.Marian

  60. avatar Thao says:

    I subscribe via email.

  61. avatar Thao says:

    My fave piece is the Owl. So cute


  62. avatar Susan C says:

    I am crazy about the lion with the yellow frame!
    smchester at gmail dot com

  63. avatar roseh2o19 says:

    blue elephant

  64. avatar Michelle T says:

    The giraffe is super cute.

  65. avatar Brooke says:

    Wow, the Daisy Barn Art collection are all really splendid pieces, precious and unique! I’m especially fond of the blue elephant and the bird, so adorable. I tried to incorporate a bit of a vintage inspired deco to my son’s nursery. I have a really great mosaic little vintage end table in his nursery, that was mine in my single apartment days and was so special to me. It holds his books and a couple picture frames. He also has two vintage framed prints of a boy and girl above his bed, that we love. I’d love to add one of these lovely pieces to our nursery!

  66. avatar brittney says:

    My husband and I like the lion or any of the birds!

    We love vintage items, and these are beautiful!

  67. avatar carlaahurley says:

    I am in love with the blue elephant!

  68. avatar amanda says:

    that little lion is so precious!


  69. These are absolutely adorable, I LOVE that yellow elephant.

  70. avatar Danielle says:

    I love the Bluebird!

  71. avatar Andrea B says:

    twitter follower @dearandrea

  72. avatar Andrea B says:

    facebook fan
    andrea brown bidwell

  73. avatar Andrea B says:

    The yellow elephant with antique white frame and monkey would go with our nursery. It is very nice.

  74. avatar Meg T says:


  75. avatar Meg T says:

    The bluebird is so precious. These are such beautiful pieces of work, thanks!!

  76. avatar Heidi says:

    I absolutely adore the elephants and the wonderful blue bird.
    My art collection ranges from very modern to beautiful antique. One of my favorite pieces is a vintage wool embroidered piece with a simple birch tree field scene.

  77. avatar Ellen says:

    I commented directly on Daisy Barn Arts site too, but I really love the elephants and the giraffe. We are waiting to find out the gender of the baby so after we know that I will be making my purchase! Very cute things that will add a lot too any nursery.

  78. avatar Ashley says:

    I adore the Bluebird print!

  79. avatar Heather says:

    Oh, this is hard, but I think I’d have to say that the owl is my favorite.

  80. avatar melissa says:

    I love the whale, ofcourse i LOVE ALL THE EL

  81. avatar Brittney says:

    i like bluebird

  82. avatar Michelle says:

    I love the Yellow Elephant. But the other one that I adore is the Lion. My son loves lions and this one is soooo cute!


  83. avatar egater says:

    So good idea.I love these beautis. My favorite is Cow :)

  84. Being a huge fan of Elephants – hands down the blue Elephant!

  85. avatar amy p says:

    fb fan. amy bolda pugmire

  86. avatar amy p says:


  87. avatar amy p says:

    I love the sailboat

  88. avatar Meredith says:

    The monkey is my favorite. He is too cute!

  89. avatar Sarah says:

    elephants are the theme for our nursery!!! it would be PERFECT! love love love.

  90. avatar Kristy says:

    I am also a subscriber and look forward to seeing what new ideas people are coming up with!

  91. avatar Kristy says:

    I love the whale! So cute….such great designs!

  92. avatar FOKXXY says:

    The Whale is my favorite but a very close second is the giraffe!! Excellent! Thank you for the great giveaway.

  93. avatar Samye says:

    I love love love the blue elephant!! So precious!

  94. avatar Two Wishes says:

    And I subscribe to your feed (via Bloglines).

  95. avatar Two Wishes says:

    Love it! Love the use of buttons, especially…. My favorite other piece is the giraffe — so cute.

  96. avatar Aura says:

    I’m an email subscriber

  97. avatar Aura says:

    I would love the blue elephant for my son’s room, the vintage frame adds so much to the picture! I wish I was crafty and could embroider, meanwhile I have my eyes on a beautifully embroidered artwork my friend made for her children when they were little. She told me if her daughter doesn’t want it she would let me have it and I would frame it in a vintage wood frame for my daughter’s room. Otherwise I really like the bluebird.

  98. avatar McKim says:

    I like the Bluebird, but Piggy is adorable too!

  99. avatar Susan says:

    The Lion is so cute! Thanks for the giveaway!

  100. avatar Emily R. says:

    The “Little Blue Clothesline” is also cute:)


  101. avatar Miranda Allen says:

    the bluebird is too cute

  102. avatar Evelyn says:

    I l ove the owl

  103. avatar Julie says:

    My favourite one is he little bluebird, but the elephant is a pretty close second!

  104. avatar Hillary Hiler says:

    LOVE Bluebird & Pink Elephant! What a wonderful solution to a huge decorating problem – go Kristen!

  105. avatar angela m says:

    email subscriber

  106. avatar angela m says:

    facebook fan

  107. avatar angela m says:

    i love the lion picture

  108. avatar Lauren says:

    so cute! I am subscribed to your blog!

  109. avatar Sara Berryman says:

    I’m a subscriber!

  110. avatar Jessie says:

    I’m having a little girl in January and the pink would be so perfect. Really cute and original.

  111. avatar Sara Berryman says:


  112. avatar Sara Berryman says:

    My little girl loves giraffes so I would have to get that one for sure. So cute!

  113. avatar Andrea says:

    I follow you on twitter and tweeted:

  114. avatar Andrea says:

    I’m a subscriber!

  115. avatar Andrea says:

    I love the blue sailboat! So cute!

  116. avatar Jen says:

    So adorable! :) I love the pink elephant…I have a thing for elephants.

  117. avatar susie ferrell says:

    the bird is my favorite

  118. avatar Sherylle says:

    I love the elephant, monkey, and giraffe. There are so cute. I am a subscriber.

  119. avatar Danielle says:

    I’m a fan of Project Nursery on facebook!

  120. avatar Danielle says:

    I just adore the Little Yellow Clothesline! How darn cute!

  121. avatar emily says:

    i became a fan of facebook.

    and subscribed. and i am loving the elephant and the giraffe and the lion! oh so sweet!

  122. avatar amanda says:

    I subscribe via RSS with my Google reader as well!

  123. avatar amanda says:

    Either the whale or the blue elephant!

  124. avatar Vicki Wurgler says:

    I like the whale

  125. avatar Marisa says:

    I subscribe in my Google reader!

    I’d go with either the Little Yellow Clothesline or the Giraffe to match the chocolate brown and yellow nursery that’s in the works for my baby girl due in November!

  126. avatar Stefanie says:

    I am a subscriber. The owl is super cute! What a creative idea.

  127. avatar vicky boackle says:

    i like the bluebird.

  128. avatar Kati says:

    I love the Monkey, but the pink elephant would be perfect for my little girl’s nursery (she is going to be here any day now!!!!) Thanks for the giveaway. So cute!

  129. avatar Jennifer says:

    I am an email subscriber and am a facebook fan. I LOVE the owl picture. So cute! The buttons are adorable.

  130. avatar Kathleen says:

    I’m a Facebook fan, Kathleen.S. W.

  131. avatar Ann says:

    This is just too cute. I don’t actually have a favorite, because they are all so great. I love the color combination. I’m already a subscriber via google reader. :)

  132. avatar Kathleen says:

    These are so charming, and what a great heirloom.

    I love the Sailboat in blue, but the Elephant is so sweet too.

  133. avatar Roxy says:

    email subscriber

  134. avatar Roxy says:

    I love the lion!

  135. avatar carol says:

    I’m following on twitter

  136. avatar carol says:

    I’m an email subscriber

  137. avatar carol says:

    I’m a facebook fan

  138. avatar carol says:

    I love them all but I guess if I have to pick I’d choose the bluebird.

  139. avatar Beth says:

    These are so creative and love the use of different materials. The lion really stood out to me!

  140. avatar Susan says:

    I subscribe!

  141. avatar Kim says:


  142. avatar Kim says:

    twitter follower- kgail11

  143. avatar Kim says:

    I have a vintage piece… a lion embroidery that my mother sewed!

  144. avatar Jennifer says:

    The pig is adorable! But I like the elephant the best!

  145. avatar Terra Heck says:

    email subscriber

  146. avatar Terra Heck says:

    My favorite is the Piggy. Thanks.

  147. avatar Siobhán says:

    Hello, I’m a subscriber to your blog.

    The Sailboat is my absolute favourite – I’ve never seen anything like Kristen’s work – so whimsical and inspiring! Well done for bringing something so unqiue to the market full of gaudy and commercialised decor for children’s bedrooms. Your work is so versitile that it can be hung on a wall in any room in the house.

    Best of luck with the business!

  148. avatar Mary Preston says:

    Very clever & very sweet.

  149. avatar jina says:

    I love their little bluebird! So cute!

  150. avatar joyce says:

    these are absolutely adorable!!! :)