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Giveaway: $100 Towards Mother Hubbard’s Furniture

Baby furniture…obviously the most essential item in the nursery. But getting beyond choosing a finish and style often leads to design dilemmas and debates with your significant other from the get go. Mine went like this:

“Honey, what about this crib?” Answer: “No, I don’t like it.”
“And this one?” Answer: “It’s only okay.”
“Well, which one will you like?” Answer: “I don’t know, show me one and I can then tell you if I like it.”

So with clear, concise direction such as this (not), where does one start shopping?  Well, you can add Mother Hubbard’s to your online list of research which is sure to please. MHC offers beautiful, quality kids furniture made in Canada with of over 20 non-toxic colorful finishes to choose from to create that custom look. While the majority of their designs are classic, the “Sweet Dreamz” collection’s straight lines competes with the popular contemporary look of other modern furniture manufacturers.

And keep in mind, they are not just about baby. In fact when the time comes to upgrade your toddler into that twin, Mother Hubbard’s collections will carry them well into their teen years with prices to fit your budget!

Buybuy Baby carries the MHC line here in the states. (Ahh, Pam and I have fond memories of schleping bags of baby accessories home from their NYC store in the 20’s). For those without a buybuy Baby nearby or outside of Canada, yes it’s disappointing that we can’t to head down to the store and start rattling their crib rails personally to check for sturdyness. However the owners of MHC do a particularly nice job of sharing answers to frequently asked questions and benefits (such as wood construction, self closing drawers, no assembly required) that in turn provide online shoppers with buying confidence. Visit

Win It! Mother Hubbard’s is giving away a $100 gift certificate toward their furniture to one lucky Project Nursery reader! Visit and comment with your favorite collection (baby, tot or teen) or share with us which color combo you would personally select! Contest ends Friday, September 18th, 2009 at 11:59pm PST.

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CONTEST CLOSED – Congrats Cindi Choppes


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  1. avatar Tina b says:

    I follow PN on fb & I subscribe:) I would love to win this great gift!!!

  2. avatar KidKraft says:

    The good thing about childrens bedroom furniture is that it gives you many options. As a parent you can now experiment with different styles, colors, textures and patterns. Finally, take your children’s opinion also when deciding upon the furniture.

  3. avatar Heidi says:

    I absolutely LOVE the Bumble Bee nursery collection!! My favorite color is Fireside Cherry.

  4. avatar Lily Kwan says:

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    The Tuscany Collection looks very nice!

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    I subscribe!

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    Tuscany in Espresso for me please!

  10. avatar Janet says:

    rockabye in autumn

  11. avatar Gianna says:

    Tuscany in Espresso..

  12. avatar Tammy Greer says:

    I love the Moon Struck Collection! It would be perfect for my nephew!

  13. avatar Bridget Michelle Combs says:

    subscriber- brdgcombs(at)aol(dot)com

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    FB fan and commented- Bridget Combs

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    I like the Tuscany in Espresso

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    Love tuesday collections

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    Follow and tweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!~

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    Facebook fan-Carol Yerby Lewis.

  24. avatar carolpie says:

    I like the Tuscany Collection and those are the colors our little one has in her room.

  25. avatar Beth says:

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    I’m a fan of Project Nursery on Facebook (Bethany Tate).

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    I’m a Project Nursery subscriber. :)

  28. avatar Beth says:

    It was a hard decision, but the Bumble Bee Collection is my favorite! I love it.

  29. avatar Sarah Mitchell says:

    I like the Once Upon a Time collection.

  30. avatar Miranda Allen says:

    the Bumble Bee Collection

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    facebook fan
    tony l smoaks

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  33. avatar susan smoaks says:

    the bumble bee collection is my fave

  34. avatar Selinda McCumbers says:

    I like teh bumble bee!


  35. avatar Mishia says:

    I’d pick the Ever After in Caramel. It would look so great in my little girl’s room.

  36. avatar chastidy says:

    I like the Enchantment in Cognac :)

  37. avatar Sonya says:

    I’m a subscriber

  38. avatar Sonya says:

    I love Ever After in Pecan!

  39. avatar Chrysa says:

    I’m a Facebook fan.

  40. avatar Chrysa says:

    I like the Bumble Bee collection

  41. avatar renee says:

    I like the Teen Twinkle set–I love the under the bed storage.

  42. avatar Missy says:

    awww I love the Goodnight-goodnight collection!!!

  43. avatar xenia says:

    I love the Bumble Bee Collection, it’s really stylish!

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    I like the baby and Once Upon A Time Collection!

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    I like the moonstruck teen collection the best.Thanks!

  52. avatar Amber says:

    My favorite collection is the baby rock-a-bye…however I also love the teen rock-a-bye.

  53. avatar sarah d. says:

    I really like the “once upon a time” collection.

  54. Follow your feed with this email address

  55. i love the tuscany baby nursery collection and that it is a convertible crib.

    Melissa L

  56. avatar Amy says:

    i like the teen collection

  57. avatar Jen says:

    I like the tuscany collection best.

  58. avatar sarah says:

    i like the bumble bee collection!

  59. avatar shawna says:

    I like Once Upon a Time baby collection

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    Once Upon a Baby Colleciton is my fav!

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    I like the bumble bee collection.

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    I love the twinkle collection in the Distressed Linen finish
    Sun-Kissed Days. Tranquil Nights. Create the Perfect Bedroom With This Collection’s Luxurious Curves Plus Board and Baton Panels.

    Thank you


  65. avatar Rose says:

    Also, I am a subscriber.

  66. avatar Rose says:

    I love the Rock-a-bye collection. I might want some of those pieces for my room instead of the baby’s!

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    my favorite collection is the once upon a time baby collection

  68. avatar Kristy says:

    i love the bumble bee collection

  69. avatar Annette says:

    I like the twinkle teen collection. Thanks!

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    I would choose the Ever After in Caramel. That would look so nice in my daughters room! I also subscribed!

  71. I’m a subscriber, same email address as entered with.

  72. I’m following on twitter @lifesandcastle

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  74. Rock A Bye Collection
    With a newborn, this is essential, great through the stages of childhood

    I love the EVER AFTER collection in Pecan.

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    subscriber! via email…

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    I love the Tuscany furniture set. Very classy. Thanks!

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    The Tuscany baby furniture is just adorable!

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    Like the tuscany room

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    Project Nursery facebook fan

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    I love the tuscany room for my 3yr old son and I’d choose Expresso

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    love the Make a Wish Collection in candy cane pink

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    I like the Make a Wish Collection in Candy Cane Pink

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    I also posted under Decluttering on your forum! I really could use lots of help in this area.
    Many thanks…..Cindi

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    What a delightful company with a wonderful choice of furniture collections and stain colors
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    Please enter my name in your fabulous conteset.
    Many thanks……Cindi

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    Love the Rock a Bye Collection.

  100. Oh…how I wish I could win..specially the make a wish collection! It would fit in beautiful with the room we have done so far for our little Jalina Rose due Nov. 1st

  101. avatar Linda says:

    I like the Hush-A-Bye collection.

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    I like the Sweet Dreamz.
    jswandrn @

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    I like the moonstruck collection


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    I really like the Make-A-Wish set, its so cute!

  106. I own, which is a Canadian Contest and Freebie site. This giveaway is posted here:

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  110. Oooooh I love the Make a Wish Colllection! Gorgeous!!

  111. avatar Jamie says:

    My favorite is the rock-a-bye collection. I love the simple design and the dark finish.

  112. avatar Elsie says:

    The Tuscany Baby furniture is so sweet, and I’d love to decorate and add color with crib trims, curtains and a rug, to add to the magic of this Mother Hubbard’s treasure! How exciting!!

  113. avatar Ashley says:

    I like the Twinkle set in slate or mellow yellow.

  114. avatar Stephanie V says:

    moonstruck for the storage – rock a bye for the look
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

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    the moonstruck collection is nice

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    I like the two tone Sweet Dreams set.

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    Oh so cute! I love them all! But I guess if I had to choose I would say the bumble bee or the rock-a-bye collections. Thanks for the great giveaway.

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    I really like the Moonstruck Collection. I’m actually planning on changing my youngest bed set this is great timing!

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