Design Reveal: Homemade Modern

Let’s see…Who’s cuter the baby or the nursery? Well the baby of course but Sadie’s Mom and Dad did a superb job in making the nursery too! The most impressive aspect? It’s mostly handmade. From the contemporary crib to the creative tree branch art, this goes to show us that homemade doesn’t have to look overly “homey.”

Child’s name: Sadie
Age: 8 months
Location: Victoria, BC

What was your inspiration for the room?
Woodland animals and nature, with a foundation of modern design and colors that would be suitable for either gender, as we weren’t sure if we were having a boy or girl. The furniture was designed and built by my husband and me. I also made the curtains, quilt, and flower pillow.

What best describes your decorating style?
Modern whimsy

Please share with us your choice of paint colors, furniture, art, diy tips, etc.
We chose neutral colors, Ralph Lauren’s Edwardian Linen for the walls and Cobblestone for the furniture (accented with white).  The Eames rocker added the contemporary element we were looking for. And as mentioned earlier, my husband and I designed and built the crib and change table.

Here are some more shopping details: Rocker from Nood, Artwork from Amber Alexander, Mobile created from Wee Gallery Art Cards, Orgel Ikea Floor Lamp, and Plush Animals from Koo & Poppet.

What is your favorite item(s) in the room?
I love the rug, which I got from a small shop in Victoria’s chinatown called Fan Tan Gallery. I also like the tree branch on her wall with little wool birds hanging from it.

Is there anything else you would like PN readers to know?
I actually scavenged the tree branch after a windstorm! then I painted it brown and nailed it to her wall. Every season, I add something new to it (ie. colored leaves in autumn).


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    I love the room! But you don’t mention where the rug is from–it’s one of my favorite parts of this nursery.

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    Lovely nursery – Sadie is adorable! I’m in Victoria too and just ordered the child rocker from nood on Saturday :) They’re currently having a 50% off everything sale instore :)

    Was it challenging to make the crib/changing table?

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    Just wondering where you got the I love sadie hanging. My daughter’s name is sadie and i would love to get that sign for her room.

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    Hi Katie,
    It’s actually just a chalkboard and I wrote the I love Sadie myself!
    Any square piece of MDF will do and you can get chalkboard paint pretty much anywhere…


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    The room looks lovely! What is the crib you have chosen? I have been looking for something exactly like this.

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