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Lonni Paul of Design Star, Season 4

Our new friend Lonni Paul hit a home run last night on Design Star! We couldn’t help but pay extra special attention because this week’s challenge was near and dear: Kids Rooms! If you missed it, catch the episode here for awesome dinosaur or baseball themed inspiration.

Now let’s tell you a bit more about Lonni. She comes across as funny, warm and personable despite the made for TV editing which hasn’t done her justice. She’s a Beverly Hills interior designer to celebrity clients but some of her toughest demands come from being a mom of three!

When asked about her Design Star experience, Lonni was grateful for the wonderful friendships she came away with from show. She also found it “amazing what you can pull together in a quick turn around. When time is running out, it’s important not to second guess yourself. Know and trust what you are doing the first time around!” (Hear that expecting mom’s with 6 weeks to go and a nursery to decorate!).

While we will have to stay tuned to see if Lonni is HGTV’s next Design Star, we can tell you that when she’s not designing for clients, she’s busy launching “planetlonni“, a line of eco-chic and friendly furniture and accessories. To see more of Lonni’s work, visit: Here are some of Project Nursery’s faves…

Melissa Joan Hart's "Sweethearts" located in Sherman Oaks, CA

Melissa Joan Heart's "SweetHarts" located in Sherman Oaks, CA

And finally, our meeting with Lonni wouldn’t be complete without getting some valuable design tips to pass along…

Twin tip: People often think you need two of everything. Design the room with one changer, one diaper caddy and two cribs. That’s all you really need. Besides, one of everything such as toys, teaches your twins to share!

Add real furniture: Adding an extra piece of furniture will make people want to gather in the room. Kids grow so quickly and having that love seat or table and chair will be ideal for playdates and allow the family to to hang out for bedtime stories.

Keep the room clutter free: Not only is clutter dangerous, but a clutter-free room allows the child to focus and thrive.

Thanks Lonni. We’ll be tuned in next week rooting for you!

A 90210 Nursery | Project Nursery

Sunday 13th of September 2009

[...] season finale. Last week was definitely controversial and I like to join to masses in saying that Lonni’s room was indeed awesome. She so didn’t deserve to have her show “canceled”. [...]

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Saturday 12th of September 2009

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