Double Up!

Last week, we had the big reveal…We’re expecting another boy! I can’t believe it. The design part of my brain immediately thought, “So much for my black, white and yellow inspired girl nursery” but the next thought was “Yay for bunkbeds”! While this is totally premature since my baby is still in utero and my son is only 2.5, I can’t help but fast forward and think about their future sibling bond and my lovely guestroom that gets to remain in tact.

If you comb the web, theirs lots of inspiration out there. One of my favorites come from the blog Pink Wallpaper and her excellent custom built bunk bed round up:

I know I can always count on the top modern nursery furniture designers for crazy cool bunkbed options (Argington, duc duc, Nurseryworks):

The bunkbed selection offered at Posh Tots is but of course top notch!

And while these don’t exactly accomplish my goal of sharing, these inexpensive loft / tent bed designs look like a blast for my boys!


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    Congratulations, Melisa!!

    I LOVE the custom built-in bunkbeds! Almost makes me want more kids to fill those bunks! (but not quite!)

    Kate has white bunk beds in her room, which everyone loves because the bottom bunk comes out at an angle, and it has a desk and shelves….super cute! It will be great when she gets older and has sleepovers!

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    So many people that i know are expecting.. CONGRATS… I don’t know if you have someone in mind for your baby shower invitations and birth announcements… but that’s what I do and I WOULD LOVE TO DESIGN it for you… check out my website at: and let me know.

    Ohh and I LOVE the Argington and duc duc bunkbeds…

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    I love your blog. There is so much out there which is worthless, but this is a real gold mine of quality information. Many thanks from a grateful surfer – Beth Little.

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