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As Unique As Your Baby

Looking to make a mark in baby’s room? Why not leave a life long, lasting impression with DNA art. Yes, you read correctly. I can’t take credit for this find. Pam’s friend referred us and then come to think of it Little Crown Interiors had an awesome canvas created in Cruz’s room.

With a quick cheek cell swab, DNA11 will create personalized art guaranteed to be one of a kind. And it doesn’t stop at your DNA. DNA11 also creates customized images from thumb prints and even your lips!

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  1. avatar Angela Flynn says:

    For more unique artwork, check out, where we make ultrasounds into a piece of art.

  2. avatar Sherean says:

    Am I the only one who sees a home pregnancy test in the pink DNA squares? :) Seriously though, this is cool. I love the idea that my little one’s DNA could become a piece of modern art!

  3. This would be a fun pseudo-family photo wall!