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Make Room For Baby Kit

This is a shower curtain. Yes, really. A shower curtain that turned into a most fabulous crib bumper thanks to the ingenuity of Shirley Cohen, owner and creator of Make Room For Baby!

Now you and even I can do this too! Yes, really. I have the Make Room For Baby Kit sitting right in front of me and I am sincerely impressed. With its simple, precise instructions and prices starting at $49.95, I am filled with confidence as an amateur seamstress. Designer Shirley set out to give even people with minimal sewing skills the chance to make something unique and beautiful for baby. “Bumpers are often the most challenging part of designing custom crib sets, but our bumper inserts make it easy to complete a personalized nursery room on your own.” So if you ever thought about making a custom crib bedding set for your baby but didn’t know where to begin or feared custom = expensive, here’s your chance.

The Make Room For Baby Kit is available in three sizes; slim, original and plush to suit your style and budget. The 6-piece crib bumper features specially designed bonded poly-core fill and comes with a full length zipper, easy to follow instructions, yardages and formulas help to calculate custom measurements for each particular style of crib, mattress thickness and skirt length. If you think you can do this with me, then visit Make Room For Baby and stop by Shirley’s blog for more great inspiration. And who knows? Maybe I’ll turn a table cloth into crib bedding next…


Wednesday 3rd of June 2009

I actually tucked my daughters bumper around her mattress so it barely sticks up above it. I think its a personal choice for everyone whether or not use bumpers.


Tuesday 2nd of June 2009

It's a great idea to reuse something like a shower curtain--as long as it's good enough fabric--for bedding. However, you guys do know that bumpers are a bad idea, right? They look pretty, but they impede the free flow of air through the crib, something that is thought to contribute to SIDS. And later you have to worry about the baby using the bumpers as a step to climb out of the crib. My daughter did it at seven months, she stood up in the crib, put her foot on the top of the bumper, and then was foiled because her crib has mesh "breathable bumpers" that collapsed under her weight. (They do, however, keep her from getting her limbs caught in the bars.)


Tuesday 2nd of June 2009

Ok I love that someone else shares the same taste for recycling something you cant live without! I SERIOUSLY SERIOUSLY almost turned a shower curtain I adore from Target into Miss Olivia's bedding. I instead still used it in the bathroom but it was hard to not do it!!! LOVE THIS!

Kim @ The TomKat Studio

Tuesday 2nd of June 2009

What an amazing idea!


Tuesday 2nd of June 2009

What a find! I have never seen anything like those crib sets. The coral and blue floral is AMAZING!!!! Way to go Shirley!!!!