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Design Reveal: Making Morocco Home

I’d like to introduce you to a charming blog , Traveling Mama. “Creativity is at the very heart of our little Tribe and we believe that the world is like a fine piece of art, meant to be savored and explored.  Here at Travelingmama, I talk about that journey… of homemaking, of creativity, of travel and culture… it’s simply us.” Now doesn’t that make you smile and want to keep reading? Do and you’ll stumble upon Tina’s sons room. We so enjoy the simple, clean design. With a “no theme” rule in place, Tina still found creative ways to incorporate the boys favorites, like cars!

Child’s name: Parker and Landon
Age: Parker-4, Landon- 6 months
Location: Morocco

What was your inspiration for the room?
My son, Parker, was my greatest inspiration for our “boys'” room. Prior to moving into our current house he was sharing a room with his sister. She is a bit dominating and her girly things were quickly taking over the room. Around the time that we moved into our current house we also found out that we were having another boy. So, I was on a mission to give my boys a truly BOY room! My only requirement was that it couldn’t have a theme (which was hard to avoid when my son is so completely nuts about cars) and no cartoon characters!

What best describes your decorating style?
Oh, I don’t know. It’s so hard to say but I really like to keep things simple, clean, and personal. With living overseas, decorating can be SUCH a challenge, especially somewhere like Morocco because decorative items and house related items are very expensive and even harder to find! I guess my style is creative- create with what you’ve got!

Share with us choice of paint colors, furniture, art, diy tips, etc.
Well, when my daughter demanded pink for her walls my son asked for blue. So, we have the absolutely stereotypical wall colors for their rooms, but rather than feeling like the whole room needed to feel traditional I tried to incorporate some clean lines and modern colors to keep it fresh. I adore the wrought iron twin bed that we had custom made in the old medina, or old town, here in Morocco. I had seen several beds like it at IKEA, but they were all too big to be brought home in our van (and we had to go to Spain for the closest IKEA!) I found the matching brown star pillow shams at Pottery Barn kids, which is the only “matchy” item in the room. Parker thought it was so cool that his brother had the same pillow and I liked that it added just a little bit of cohesiveness to the room. Due to some medical issues with my pregnancy we ended up going to Spain for the birth, so I was able to load up on a few baby items at IKEA, such as the crib,and the bookshelf. I used a duvet set from IKEA to make the pillows and add on to some basic panels. The orange crib duvet is from ZaraHome, one of my absolute favorite home stores to shop at!

The brown and orange “poofs” are another favorite item that were found here in Morocco. I’ve seen them everywhere on modern home decor sites for big bucks, and was so excited to find them here for less than $15 each! I also created the “mobile” of cars behind the crib. Check out this link for the video on my blog:

What is your favorite item(s) in the room?
This is so hard! I love the hand knitted blanket that was custom made by Maureen over at MKsNeedleMania. I also love the double decker Red London Bus we found at Habitat. My son totally flipped out over the BLIK wall stickers that we put on his closet.

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