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Mommy And Her Mini Me!

Sometimes the “matchy-matchy” look can be over the top. However, these fresh summer looks for mom and her little gal-pal made my reservations about the trend melt and gave me visions of warm summer days. I wonder if dads get the same feeling when they spot “mini-me” stuff for their boys? I think a little dudes inspired post is up next….


Mommy & Me Picks (top left clockwise)

1. Tunic Chic

2. Red Dot Tank

3. Pork Chop’s Got Socks

4. Sand Toy Storage

5. Essential Tote

6. Here Come The Sun

7. Cool Kid Shades

8. Mini Tunic Time


1. Floppy Fabulous

2. Striped Straw Hat

3. Pool Side Watercolor

4. It’s No Baby Pool