Picnic Perfect


Hope those of you in the States are enjoying the extended Memorial Day weekend! The warm sun and outdoor barbecues have me thinking about how the kids love eating outside. Since it’s now popsicle season I’m all for it. I’ve been on the lookout for a kid’s picnic table for the back deck. I know I don’t want a plastic table and I love the look of a classic wooden table with umbrella. I also know I don’t want to spend a fortune. I did a little research and here are some of my favorites. And, if I’ve got the table I’m thinking I’ll need some Adirondacks chairs to go with it…

Pottery Barn Table and Benches – $269

KidKraft Natural Wooden Table – $149

Lil Colorado Red -$79

Land of Nod Basic Picnic Table – $199

Earth Friendly – $138

Octagon Wooden – $219

Break The Bank But Cute – $354

Adirondacks – $49


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    Picnics are simply fun. Considering the current economic situation, it is but normal to want to save money. Picnics are a great way to do this. What�s so great about a picnic is that children typically like them just as much as adults. Hey, grab your picnic baskets and enjoy.

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