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Giveaway: Inky Binky Baby

Every girl deserves a little bling! If my daughter wasn’t about to be potty-trained, this would definitely be my choice for a wipes case. Does it get any more girly and fabulous than this? Pink roses, rhinestones & satin! When I saw this, I knew the word about this company needed to be spread…

A friend of a friend, Audrey Fine started her company, Inky Binky Baby to unleash her need to create. Described on the website as, “A fresh and funky baby boutique dedicated to the cool baby and rockstar momma“, Inky Binky Baby definitely fulfills that description! After much success selling her items on Ebay, Audrey decided to solely run her business from her own website and sell to local boutiques. She is as busy as can be, and is constantly adding new products and fabrics to her handmade selection. Her items range from rockstar to glam girl, and everything in between!

This giveaway includes the items shown in photo above: Baby Bling Travel Wipes Case in Pink, Polka Dot Changing Pad & Diaper Case ($70 value).

WIN IT: By commenting on this post with your favorite funky, fun Inky Baby Accessory. Contest ends May 29th, 2009 at 11:59pm PST


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CONTEST CLOSTED – Congrats Joanna Smith!


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  1. avatar holly alesi says:

    How adorable! I would love to have some baby bling! =)

  2. avatar Lily Kwan says:

    I subscribed by email.

  3. avatar Lily Kwan says:

    The Sushi bib is very cute!

  4. avatar Helen says:

    I adore the Punk Princess Tutu Outfit.

  5. avatar lee says:

    I’m a subscriber!

  6. avatar Donna K says:


  7. avatar Donna K says:

    I like the cherry baby binky.

  8. avatar lee says:

    The Green Sushi Stroller Snuggly is so fun!

  9. avatar Marcy Strahan says:

    I am Fan On Face Book!


  10. avatar Marcy Strahan says:

    I subscribe!

  11. avatar Marcy Strahan says:

    Out of everything the Baby Bling Travel Wipes Case is my very favorite item!!!!!!

  12. avatar sarah woods says:

    Love this I feel like its a wedding/prom dress accessory not a baby however; simply love the pink/balck rhinstone pin. Many thanks for the entry. Perfect Baby Gift I have three due to birth twin granbaby girls expected in December. Best Wishes!!!! SW

  13. avatar Randy Bailey says:

    Hawaiian Ruffle Burp Cloth

  14. avatar Jovita says:

    Aweee! The punk Princess TuTu is absolutely TOO CUTE!!!

  15. avatar Gianna says:

    I LOVE the Cherry Binky Blanky :)

  16. avatar Nanette says:

    I sell Inky Binky Baby in my boutique in California and let’s just say Audrey’s stuff flies off the shelves.
    Because your little one deserves to be as cool as you are – that’s my motto when selling her stuff. Love it, love her. Fab.u.lous :)

  17. avatar Heather says:

    I love the Lolli dot blue travel case.

  18. avatar kathy pease says:

    fan on facebook kathy l pease

  19. avatar kathy pease says:

    i love the punk princess tutu :)

  20. avatar Ann says:

    I stumbled (quelleheure4)

  21. avatar Ann says:

    I subscribed!

  22. avatar Ann says:

    I like the black and white circles bib!

  23. avatar Rosanne says:

    I’m a fan on Facebook

  24. avatar Rosanne says:

    I’m a subscriber

  25. avatar Rosanne says:

    I like the Giant Teal Sunflower clip

  26. avatar Erika D Duritsky says:

    I love the diaper diva bib and burp cloth

  27. avatar jessica says:

    I’m your facebook fan!

  28. avatar jessica says:


  29. avatar jessica says:

    I love the Sushi bib and the personalized burp cloths.

  30. avatar Tracy Little says:

    My car seats are so drab, i’d love some of those strap covers in ‘retro cowboy’ and ‘cocoa damask’

  31. avatar Lisa Taylor says:

    I love the black skulls travel wipe case

  32. avatar Hesper F says:

    I love the Orchid Boho Blossom Bib!

  33. avatar shawna says:

    I like the black and hot pink flower head band! Very cute stuff!

  34. avatar kate says:

    Hey there I am a fan on FB!!! Love ALL the stuff!

  35. avatar Lisa says:

    I’m a subscriber

  36. avatar Lisa says:

    I like the cute Sage Green Baby Skulls Travel Wipe Case!

  37. avatar Tammy Kennedy says:

    I twitted this contest

    Thank you


  38. avatar Tammy Kennedy says:

    I’m a subscriber

    Thank you


  39. avatar Tammy Kennedy says:

    I like the Black & White Retro Blanky, bib & Wipe Combo

    Thank you


  40. avatar joanna smith says:

    I posted about this on facebook, my username is Joanna Smith and here is the link

  41. avatar joanna smith says:

    I Stumbled, my username is joannaonthelake and here is the link to my review

  42. avatar joanna smith says:

    I sent out a tweet about this giveaway, here’s the link

  43. avatar joanna smith says:

    I am a fan of yours on facebook, my username is Joanna Smith

  44. avatar joanna smith says:

    I am a current email subscriber

  45. avatar joanna smith says:

    If this just isn’t the most glamorous mommy baby giveaway I have seen in a long time! And, the items at the Inky Binky Baby are just fabulous!! I love the Black & White Damask Bib, this would look so super cute on my baby! I also adore the Lime & Teal Circles Stroller Snuggly, it looks super soft and comfortable not to mention so darn cute! Thanks so much for the chance to enter.

  46. avatar Donna says:

    I like the teal big dots bib.

  47. avatar Julie says:

    The bloomin’ beanies are so cute!

  48. avatar Kelly F says:

    I am a subscriber!

  49. avatar Kelly F says:

    I love the Giant Yellow Flower Clip. So cute!

  50. avatar Erma H says:

    I would love the chance to win, thanks.

  51. avatar renee says:

    I love the Punk Princess Tutu!

  52. avatar Dee says:

    I subscribe!!!

  53. avatar Dee says:

    Holy Cow! I want EVERYTHING from this website! I’m having a baby girl in about 10 weeks and would LOVE white/pink beanie………..AND everything in the pink and brown gift set. Oh and the Tutus and personalized bibs! Ok…I’m done drooling over that website for now!

  54. avatar Heather M says:

    Black and Hot Pink Headband!! Cute! Thanks

  55. avatar Paula H says:

    I love the Retro Cowboy Bib.

  56. avatar Marianna says:

    I like the Sushi travel wipe case

  57. avatar Teresha says:

    I’m a Facebook fan

  58. avatar Teresha says:

    I’m a subscriber

  59. avatar Teresha says:

    I love the bloomin beanies!

  60. avatar Mommy Daisy says:

    I like the Orchid Boho Blossom Onesie.

  61. avatar Bob says:

    Would like the Orchid Boho Blossom Onesie for my Granddaughter

  62. avatar Kathy D says:

    Really like the Lime & Teal Circles Stroller Snuggly good for boy or girl

  63. avatar Sara says:

    I love the chocolate and green flower infant headband.

  64. I Love that Punk Princess Tutu ~ my niece would love it too…

  65. avatar Sondra says:

    I think this wipes case may just be my favorite thing, although some of those bibs and all of those tutus are super cute!

  66. avatar Shawna B says:

    I love that Orchid Boho Blossom Onesie, and my daughter’s name, Violet, would look so cute there!

  67. avatar vicky boackle says:

    I like the Lime & Teal Circles Stroller Snuggly.

  68. avatar Pamela S says:

    I love both of the “skulls” travel wipe cases–black skull & glitter skull!!! Thanks.

  69. avatar Rhonda says:

    I love the Cupcake Heaven Green bib & burp cloth set….so adorable!!

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  70. avatar Courtney says:

    I stumbled this post (annasmama0702)

  71. avatar Courtney says:

    My favorite is the Lime & Teal Circles Stroller Snuggly! Thanks for the giveaway!

  72. avatar Yvonne Huff says:

    I liked the Black Tattoo Burp Cloth Bundle.

  73. avatar Kelli says:

    I love the Pirate Monkey bib!! It is SUPER cute!
    kellibwilson @

  74. avatar Kathleen says:

    I’m a Facebook fan Kathleen S Walck

  75. avatar Kathleen says:

    I subscribe

  76. avatar Kathleen says:

    I love these! The Blue Guitars wipe case is my favorite.

  77. avatar Lisa F says:

    OMG, LOVE those items! That wipe case is fabulous…it would definitely be an accessory for me! Doesn’t matter if I have a boy! Ha! And love the changing pad, too!

  78. avatar Lindsey says:

    This website has some adorable stuff!!! My favorite would have to be the Baby Bling wipes case in Aquamarine!

  79. avatar sophie says:

    I love the pink punk tutu outfit! Adorable!

  80. I love the sushi wipes case. I would love to upgrade my diaper bag. thanks for the great contest.

  81. avatar Sarah Z says:

    I like the Giant Lavender Flower Clip!

  82. avatar Amy says:

    This is gorgeous!
    I like all their pink blooming beanies

  83. avatar xenia says:

    The Punk Princess Tutu Outfit is absolutely my favorite, it’s adorable! Thanks!

  84. avatar Keitha says:

    email subscriber

  85. avatar Keitha says:

    I like the reversible car seat strap covers and my favorite fabric is the groovy spa pattern

  86. avatar Jennifer says:

    I subscribe!!

  87. avatar Jennifer says:

    I love the big dot pink and brown travel wipe case!

  88. avatar Haley L says:

    the Black Skulls Travel Wipe Case is absolutely amazing.

    so totally obsessed with this new brand!


  89. avatar Aisling says:

    The Orchid Boho Blossom Onesie is adorable!

  90. avatar Roxy says:

    email subscriber

  91. avatar Roxy says:

    I love the Black & Pink Flower Infant Beanie.

  92. avatar jeanine says:

    i’d like a pink stripe wipes case.

  93. avatar Anne Taylor says:

    I’ve become a Facebook Fan!

    Anne Taylor is my Facebook name!

    (in Canada)

  94. avatar Anne Taylor says:

    I follow you on Twitter (greeeneyedwhwom)


    (in Canada)

  95. avatar Anne Taylor says:

    I subscribe via email!

    (in Canada)

  96. avatar Anne Taylor says:

    I love ALL of it! But I do adore the Green Sushi Stroller Snuggly! Its just fantastic!

    (in Canada)

  97. I LOVE the pink wipe holder! It is adorable!

  98. avatar Jess says:

    I love the pirate monkey burp cloth set – so cute and what unique fabric!


  99. avatar kristi blackstone says:

    Lolli Dot Aqua Bib is super cute! I’d love to win!

  100. avatar James Jenkins says:


  101. avatar James Jenkins says:

    wow, great contest

  102. avatar Danielle says:

    i subscribe!


  103. avatar Danielle says:

    i like the pink and white flower infant beanie!


  104. avatar courtney says:

    i subscribe!:)

  105. avatar courtney says:

    i like the skull baby case!!!

  106. avatar Crystal says:

    Holy cute. I love the Miso cute onesie! How fun!

  107. avatar Veronica says:

    Love this! Excitedly expecting and hoping to sport some of this gear :) Even with a boy on the way I can still be girly :)

  108. avatar siobhan says:

    Ii love the punk princess tutu!!!

  109. avatar Vicki Wurgler says:

    I love the Punk Princess tutu outfit

  110. avatar oona b says:

    I love the Funky Flowers bib!
    Thanks! foxsquirrelrabbit at gmail dot com

  111. avatar Celeste says:

    I like the Pink Dots burp cloth set!

  112. avatar kait says:

    I’m a fan on Facebook!

  113. avatar kait says:

    The orchid blossom bid is so cute!

  114. avatar Kristi says:

    LOVE the bling wipes case! So cute, Audrey!!!! My favorite is the embroidered coordinating burp clothes!

  115. avatar sandy says:


  116. avatar sandy says:

    love the skulls baby case

  117. avatar Hailey A says:

    I love the cupcake heaven gift set :)

  118. avatar Krisinda says:

    The black skulls baby wipe case is awesome!!

  119. love it! Love the circles pattern!

  120. avatar Andra Good says:

    Love the bling!!!

  121. avatar Jamie says:

    I love the sushi bib and really all of their items! TOO CUTE!

  122. avatar Katrina says:

    I like the cupcake heaven green bib & burp cloth gift set.

  123. avatar Stefanie says:

    I am a subscriber and I love all the chic travel cases.

  124. avatar Sue says:

    I stumbled!

  125. avatar Sue says:

    I subscribe via google reader.

  126. avatar Sue says:

    The whole website is adorable! I love the punk princess tutu!!

  127. avatar Cindi says:

    I am a member of your Fan Page and Tweeted your giveaway ~
    Thanks, Cindi

  128. avatar Cindi says:

    I am an email subscriber to yrou site!
    Again, many thanks!

  129. avatar Cindi says:

    The Silver and Pink Flower Infant Baby Beanie is fabulous. The Bling Baby Wipes Holder is also lovely!
    Please add my name ot your delightful drawing. Many thanks, Cindi

  130. avatar Toni says:

    This pink and brown wipes case is a must for my new baby niece!

  131. avatar Kristen says:

    I love the personalized burp cloths! How cute!

  132. […] Project NurseryWhat: Baby Bling Travel Wipes Case in Pink, Polka Dot Changing Pad & Diaper CaseHow To Enter: […]

  133. avatar Stephanie says:

    I love the black and white damask bib!!!

  134. avatar susan varney says:

    today i like the Lolli Dot Mint Bib

  135. avatar mirabelle says:

    i am a subscriber!

  136. avatar mirabelle says:

    love the green sushi wipe travel case!

  137. avatar Lindsey says:

    Huge fan of the damask bibs! Its nice to have a fashionable bib for the drooly little babies!

  138. avatar Lindsey says:

    I am in love with the Baby Bling Travle wipe case. My pregnant girl friends are going to go crazy over this!

  139. avatar Lindsey says:

    Of course I am subscriber! I love this site!

  140. avatar michelle m says:

    stumbled yzgirl4

  141. avatar michelle m says:

    subscriber yzgirl4 at Verizon dot net

  142. avatar michelle m says:

    I love their hot pink and white flower head band for infants.

    yzgirl4 at verizon do t net


  143. avatar Lauren Nguyen says:

    I’m a subscriber on Google Reader

  144. avatar Lauren Nguyen says:

    OMG! This is SO adorable!! I love the Baby Bling Travel Wipes Case in Pink!!

  145. avatar Kristy says:

    I love the spring tutu…how adorable! I am a subscriber too!

  146. avatar Meredith says:

    I’m a Fan on Facebook!

  147. avatar Meredith says:

    I’m a subscriber too!

  148. avatar Meredith says:

    I love the retro cowboy burp cloth set…too cute! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  149. I subscribe!

    pdxbabysigns at gmail dot com

  150. The gift sets are great and I love the polka dot burp cloths sets!

    pdxbabysigns at gmail dot com

  151. avatar Nici says:

    Love it.
    I’m a subscriber.

  152. avatar Tamara says:

    This stuff is way cool! I know my baby is just that, a baby… but I love the hip gear for the little guy. Who says a 6 month old can’t look like a rock star?!?!?!

  153. I love the punk pink tutu. That would make a great gift for a little girl because it’s fun, but girly.

    I also love the name of the shop as it’s easy to remember when ssearching for the perfect baby shower gift.

  154. avatar amy p says:

    I subscribe.

  155. avatar amy p says:

    I love the black and white damask bib.

  156. avatar Casey says:

    I’m a subscriber

  157. avatar Casey says:

    I love the Retro Cowboys bib!

  158. avatar Aura says:


  159. avatar Aura says:

    I really like the pink and brown gift set. The wipes cases are beautiful!!

  160. avatar bibzees says:

    Love the black and pink baby beanie. How glam!!!

  161. I am a big fan & subscriber!!! Wow I’m all about “elegance” and that pink rose babywipes case is stunning..I thought it was a purse at first – LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!! ; )

  162. I love the rose wipes case with rhinestones the best!

  163. avatar angela peters says:

    I Love the retro black collection!

  164. avatar Kim says:


  165. avatar Kim says:

    LOVE: Blue Dots Burp Cloth Set