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I have a confession. I don’t own a proper diaper bag. I have a son in diapers and never used a dedicated diaper bag.  Rather, I jimmy-rigged some fairly fancy bags to act as my diaper bag. So when the so-called “spill proof” sippy cup leaked juice all over it for the umpteenth time, I just shook my head and gave up.

Enter Baby Bee Bags creator Shelly and husband Dvir Ron. Shelly is a Mom who also gave up on finding the perfect diaper bag but then developed her very own line of bags (all while 7 months pregnant)!  Here’s my personal fave in time for summer…

After a thorough review, we are most impressed with the functionality that went into the design of Baby Bee Bags. The inside features 2 interior stretchable side bottle/cup holders, 2 interior organizer pockets and an additional zippered compartment. The 2nd zippered compartment unzips into a large, padded, detachable and washable changing pad with a stretch pocket to hold diapers, wipes, creams, a set of clothing and a handy pacifier hanger for quick access and easy reach. The bags can be worn as a backpack or over one shoulder and the straps will detach to configured to fit any stroller bar. Oh and the micro-suede fabric can be scotch guarded against serious stains. Did I mention the convenient detachable pouch? This list really does go on because the Rons thought of everything!

Baby Bee Bags is offering the Eglan “Brown Circle” Micro Fiber diaper bag valued at $139.00 to a loyal Project Nursery subscriber!

WIN IT: By commenting on this post with your favorite Baby Bee Bag design or share with us your gripe with your current diaper bag (because maybe someone’s listening!). Contest ends May 22th, 2009 at 11:59pm PST

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  1. 1

    I like the Fabien, I really do like the design of it. It’s not clunky, like my present one, and the straps make it look more like a chic backpack than a diaper bag.

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  4. 4

    My fave design is the golden brown silk Eglan. The straps convert to be worn as a backpack too.


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  7. 7

    I’m a subscriber! Love the Eglan Wild Cow print. I’m soooo in need of a designated diaper bag. I just keep buying big totes that I used a purse and diaper bag combo. I hate throwing everything into one big bag and nothing having its own particular space!

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  13. 13

    These bags are gorgeous! Some of the prettiest I’ve ever seen! I love the Eglan bag and it’s hard to pick a favorite because I would love to have any of them! If I had to pick, I would pick the Pink Swirl!

  14. 14
  15. 15

    Oh to think the diaper bag dilemma is solved!!! Unlike Melisa, I’ve stopped using all my fancy bags and instead tote around a not-so-cute diaper bag as my purse. I’d love one of these to bring my style back up a notch. They’re fab! Next I just have to figure out how to make time for a good haircut and maybe a manicure.

  16. 16

    I love the Eglan Chocolate Wave bag. It’s great that this is a backpack, instead of just a shoulder diaper bag. It won’t ever get in your way, leaving both hands free for baby (or in my case, babies!)

  17. 17
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  20. 20
  21. 21

    I love the Eglan! I don’t have a diaper bag gripe yet because I’m not due until the end of the month (and thus haven’t used it).

  22. 22
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  27. 27
  28. 28
  29. 29

    I like the Eglan bag in Chocolate wave, and wish that my current diaper bag could be worn on my back and wasn’t so hard to adjust the strap.

  30. 30
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  39. 39

    I really like the golden brown silk eglan, especially since it doesn’t look like a diaper bag yet it’s so practical. My current diaper bag is huge and bulky, can’t be cleaned well and has holes, I need a new one!

  40. 40
  41. 41
  42. 42
  43. 43

    I like the Eglan Pink Swirl design. So cute and looks like it’s the perfect size to hold everything!

  44. 44
  45. 45

    The eglan designs are absolutely FABULOUS! My lord I honestly can’t pick a favorite… Bee Silk, Dragonfly Silk, One Love – I seriously could go on for hours! These are beautiful :)

  46. 46
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  49. 49
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  53. 54
  54. 55

    OMG! These are SUPER cute!!
    My favorite is the Eglan bag in Chocolate wave!!

    ~Thanks for the chance~

  55. 56
  56. 57

    Wow, this is an amazing diaper bag! I got a diaper bag as a gift which I thought I was happy with, but it does not even compare! Interior stretchable pockets are genius, the pockets in my diaper bag aren’t great at holding things like leeky cups in place! Another bonus, my husband likes the design!

  57. 58
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  62. 63

    These bags are gorgeous! I’d love to upgrade from our dirty pale green diaper bag from Sears to one of these. I think my favorite is the golden brown silk.

    smalltownbeatnik at g mail

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  82. 84

    I’m a fan of the Circle of Love design…gender neutral and fabulous! I just found out I’m prego with my first and I’m on the hunt for the gender neutral essentials.

  83. 85

    I love that they can be worn two ways (Eglan) and my favorite is Dragon Fly Silk. It’s fresh, fun and pretty! Outside pockets are so important for quick paci/key access etc!

  84. 86
  85. 87
  86. 88

    I love the Dream in Black and White Silk… to cute! I love the fact the straps can detach to carry it different ways. Love it! I have a 1 year old and a 5 year old and I seem to carry everything in my bag and I need something easy to clean. I love that it doesn’t have velcro!

  87. 89
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  92. 94

    my current diaper bag does okay with the outside pockets, but the inside is just one big compartment — I can never find anything, particularly bad when I need something in a hurry!

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  108. 110

    Also, I am a fan on your Facebook Page.
    Please enter me in your delightful drawing.
    Thanks, Cindi

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  115. 117
  116. 118
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  120. 122
  121. 123

    The bags are beautiful, it’s difficult to choose which is my favorite. But I especially love the Bee Silk or Brown Silk.

  122. 124
  123. 125
  124. 126
  125. 127
  126. 128

    I really like (Love the one you are offering) the GoldeN Brown Silk one, but all of them are so pretty. I also love the Dragonfly one too.
    Thanks for the contest :)

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  139. 141

    Hi Amy,
    Both the Eglan and the Fabien bags have plenty of pockets!
    Outside: two side pockets, one on the back of the bag, cell phone pocket, pouch that can be used as a pocket and if you detach the pouch you have another one on the back of the pouch.
    Inside: two pockets for diapers and wipes, two battle holders and additional zippered compartment.
    I count about 11 pockets (:

    I love the green Dragonfly!!!

    Great Bag!!!

  140. 142

    I love the Blue Stripe and the Brown Circle!!! I’d love a new diaper bag for my son!

  141. 143

    I love the Chocolate Swirl!

    I received an unregistered baby bag that was filled to the brim with goodies I also didn’t register for from a very close family member. It’s a very big and BRIGHT looking bag that makes no bones about being a true diaper bag. The interior of the entire bag is coated in clear heavy plastic, which in cool weather would be wonderful, but in a warm southern climate is just a nightmare waiting to happen.

    To empty the bag I had to virtually rip out the packaged goodies. The bag arrived in a VERY warm car, then left to cool on a counter. I honestly don’t see using the bag much this summer, as my husband or I will more then likely accidentally rip out the lining or find one of the bag’s multiple outside pockets welded together!

  142. 144
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  148. 150
  149. 151

    Your bags are very nice, had to pick a favorite, but my pick would be the Dragonfly Silk. Would be proud to carry such a nice bag.

  150. 152

    Love the Eglan Chocolate Wave – but we both really like the brown circle. It is sooo fabulous that is is micro fiber.

  151. 153
  152. 154
  153. 155
  154. 156
  155. 157
  156. 158
  157. 159

    My biggest gripe with my diaper bag is that there is no space for my things. I can never find my stuff once i put it into the bag.

  158. 160
  159. 161
  160. 162
  161. 163

    I love the Eglan Chocolate Wave bag. Would be great this summer, love the fact that they can be worn as backpacks!

  162. 164

    Wow! Such a good option for mothers who sometimes don’t know where to keep all baby’s stuffs wherever they are going anyone knows what the baby is going to need. Furthermore the way of this deaper bag is just perfect and compact with a lot of repartitions. I consider it is what every mother needs.

  163. 165

    I love the brown circle! I wish I had known about these when I was shopping for a diaper bag. I love all the features and I could use a bigger bag than what I ended up with. I’m a subscriber.

  164. 166
  165. 167

    What a great bag, it is super cute and ultra functional. I love the Eglan Circles of Love bag.

  166. 168
  167. 169
  168. 170
  169. 171
  170. 172

    My diaper bag complaint is that if the bag is actually large enough to hold everything then the opening where it zips is never large enough to see inside to find what you are looking for…plus all the designs I like just look weird when my husband carries it. Need something cute but also masculine enough for the hubby to feel comfortable with it.

  171. 173
  172. 174
  173. 175
  174. 176

    My favorite design is the Circles of Love Eglan one. They have some really great designs! Thanks for the giveaway!

    Also, I always wondered why they couldn’t make a bag that had some sort of compartment that keeps items cool somehow. Just, you know, out all day at the park with my daughter in the summer and her milk gets warm. It would be nice if there was some way to keep our drinks cold without having to have a cooler with us! Not even sure if that’s possible, but imagine how nice it would be!

    [email protected]

  175. 177
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  177. 179
  178. 180
  179. 181
  180. 182
  181. 183
  182. 184

    My three year old would love any Kibee product! She is turning four this year. She is already anticipating going to school. She loves to stuff bags with lunch food items and toys!!! I subscribed to your newsletter. I also became a fan on Facebook!

  183. 185
  184. 186
  185. 187
  186. 188

    i just love them all, but my fav has to be the silver one , i totally can se my 7 month baby stuff in it and myself carryn , so stylish..

  187. 189
  188. 190
  189. 191

    My current gripe is that the main compartment is basically squished flat after I fill all of the pockets. It might as well not exist most of the time.

  190. 192
  191. 193
  192. 194

    my favorite bag is the dream in black and white silk.
    I am a mother of 2 and I have yet to find a bag that can handle my busy life. in my daughters first year I went through 4 different bags. It would be great to actually have a bag that looks cute and can handle my life. :)

  193. 195
  194. 196
  195. 197

    Eglan “Brown Circle” diaper bag is by far my favorite. These bags have everything I could want. I have a 2 year old and one on the way and this would help me out so much compared to what I went through with my last diaper bag.

  196. 198
  197. 199

    I joined your fan page on facebook!, I also tweeted about it, man I hope I win this I’m having a boy this time and have only girl stuff from 1st child.

  198. 200
  199. 201

    These diaper bags are so durable and spaceous, unlike my rink-a-dink, handle torn on one side diaper bag..if that is what you can call the one I have, anything really would be better! I really like these diaper bags…so cute! Thanks for the GREAT giveaway!

    [email protected]

  200. 202

    Am expecting twins ! Identical Twins so feeling blessed.I have looked around for Diaper bags and even though there is a wide range I’m surprised at how badly some are designed.Some just hold a nappy changing mat and not much more ! Yours do look good ! and well organised so keep me in mind for the giveaway !!

  201. 203

    i had a pink diaper bag from walmart and the lining ripped away from the inside! now i have no diaper bag and i’m due in july with baby #4. hope i win! my design choice would be eglan chocolate wave.

  202. 204

    I have three children and I am expecting my 4th. I cannot tell you how many diaper bags I have gone through in the last 4 years. I could never find one that met all of my needs. I like the designs of these diaper bags as they look like they have lots of room, and organized areas with is really important. Any mother that wins this giveaway will be lucky.

  203. 205
  204. 206
  205. 207
  206. 208
  207. 209
  208. 210

    My biggest gripe about my diaper bag is that I used it for my first 2 children and now I am using it for our third baby daughter!! I feel it makes me look frumpy and dumpy because it is a canvas floral design that looks so country bumpkin “like” and not the look I want to portray, and it was given to me as a shower gift over 7 years ago so at the time it was a much appreciate gift, but not so much so now, LOL! Also, it doesn’t keep me well organized because it is very basic, like a tote with only one large zipper compartment inside and I am always fumbling to try and find what I need in there. My very favorite design at Baby Bee Bags is the Circles of Love Silk Bag or the Eglan Golden Brown Silk bag, now that is what a call a chic, stylish diaper bag, oh what I wouldn’t give to have either one of those my shoulder everyday!! Thanks so much for the chance to enter.

  209. 211
  210. 212
  211. 213
  212. 214
  213. 215
  214. 216
  215. 217
  216. 218
  217. 219

    My biggest gripe is that most diaper bags just aren’t attractive-looking! I think this is such a cute bag and is really functional!

  218. 220
  219. 221
  220. 222
  221. 223
  222. 224

    I like the Golden Brown Silk Eglan bag, it is amazing for a diaper bag (I would love to win this for a papa friend of mine!)
    Thanks! foxsquirrelrabbit at gmail dot com

  223. 225
  224. 226

    I cannot STAND the clumsy handles and zippers that fail almost immediately on most diaper bags….and how they all have pastels or cartoon animals on them.

  225. 227
  226. 228
  227. 229
  228. 230
  229. 231

    The silver cirlces eglan one is really beautiful. I pretend that my current diaper bag (not really a diaper bag) is large enough to hold the gizzillion things I need everyday but sadly, stuff is spilling off the sides. I could really use a new bag.

  230. 232

    I don’t like how my diaper bag wakes my baby up each time I open it up because of the VELCRO. Come on!

  231. 233

    My current diaper bag doesn’t have enough side pockets so it ends up as a black hole. Not good at all when you are holding your baby and trying to check out at the grocery store. Or need your keys. Or phone! The list goes on and on. Thanks for the chance!

  232. 234
  233. 235
  234. 236
  235. 237
  236. 238
  237. 239
  238. 240

    Oh my goodness…my favorite is actually the bag you are offering in the giveaway! I love those colors! But just for fun (and to prove that I checked out their website!) I also love the Eglan style in “Pink Swirl”. Thanks!

  239. 241
  240. 242
  241. 243
  242. 244
  243. 245
  244. 246
  245. 247
  246. 248
  247. 249
  248. 250
  249. 251
  250. 252
  251. 253
  252. 254

    My current diaper bag is small and made of plastic with little duckies all over it It looks like it’s a leftover from the early 70s

  253. 255
  254. 256

    I love the Sky Silver Silk & Dragonfly Silk (A tie!) .. I love diaper bags that don’t look like diaper bags :)

  255. 257

    LOVING! the Eglan!
    My God, totally gorgeous. , However the Fabian is deelicious as well. Perfect for my Husband I I to use!

    Right now were using a Michael Kors Yote! but… its slowly getting runied with the spilled bottles :(
    500.00…down the drain :(

  256. 258
  257. 259
  258. 260

    My current diaper bag could be better if the bottle pockets were closed and insulated. I need two. It is hard to find a bag that has room to carry everything for my twins. Thanks!

  259. 261

    Love the designer savy silver bag would love to see inside for the design for functionality; many thanks SW

  260. 262
  261. 263
  262. 264
  263. 265
  264. 266
  265. 267
  266. 268

    Fabulous bags! I like the shiny one a lot but it may be a bit sparkly for daily indiscreet use. I’m a subscriber and a facebook fan – love your blog!

  267. 269

    I Love the Metallic so chic ..very cool for my Baby Boy …My husband would even carry because it looks so cool

  268. 270
  269. 271

    I am totally in love with the Eglan line We have had so much trouble finding a diaper bag that works for ALL times and this definitely would fit all of our baby needs. Not to mention that the colors match his nursery, his stroller and his car seat! It is a terrific design that anyone would feel good about carrying with baby! Great give-away…thanks Project Nursery!

  270. 272

    My favorite is the Eglan Square to Square bag. The colors go with the stroller we have chosen (and I like the color combination otherwise too).

  271. 273

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