Cupcake Crazy

Cupcakes are everywhere these days! What better way to celebrate your child’s first birthday than with a “Cupcake  themed” party? I chose the cupcake theme for my daughter, Kate’s 1st Birthday party last year and it was hit! (That’s her in her cupcake tank top on the inspiration board!) I put together this party inspiration board to get you started on ideas for this theme!

1. Gorgeous cupcake stand by Amy Atlas Designs
2. Sweet Cupcake Invitations by The TomKat Studio
3. Personalized 1st Birthday Bib by Golden Shop
4. Sweet Cupcake Party Collection by The TomKat Studio
5. Cupcake Clippie by Scrap N Scribe
6. Giant Cupcake Pan by Wilton
7. Cupcake Plates & Napkins
8. Custom Cupcake Tank Top by Pouty Pants
9. Paris, Baby Tutu by FrillerUp Couture
10. Pink Cupcake Frame
11. Pink Heart Cupcake Wrapper

If you have any other CUPCAKE birthday ideas or products, please comment below!


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    What sweet ideas!!!!
    I was at my daughter’s dance recital last night and someone made these ballerina cupcakes where the cupcake liner was upside down and flaired out on top of the cupcake. This acted as the skirt and then the body and head was on top of the “skirt” . I will need to find out how she did the body and head b/c they were a big hit at the reception!

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    I am looking for a recipe for cupcakes that I can display in a canning jar and use for adult favors at my grandaughter’s 1st birthday party.

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