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Save The Date For Dalla Nonna

Middle of the night, your water breaks, contractions begin. Off to the the hospital you go, you’re having a baby.  Although there was no water breaking or frantic rushing in either of my children’s birth stories (induced), I still have vivid memories of both of the days I walked into the hospital to give birth. These dates are forever incredibly special days to me.


New jewlery line Dalla Nonna allows you to hold a date that is close to your heart even closer still with their signature piece, the Calendar Necklace. Dalla Nonna jewelry is designed by two former college roommates Jessica Bohrer and Rebecca Richards who just happen to be lawyers by day. Dalla Nonna, which which translates from Italian to “from the grandmother”,  is inspired by vintage pieces which were handed down to them. They fell in love with the idea of taking something old and making it new. The calendar necklace beautifully blends tradition and trend. Each piece is executed in 14k yellow or rose gold or sterling silver, and accented with a sapphire in a color chosen by the wearer to commemorate the date of her choosing. Think birthday, graduation, anniversary, mother’s day (Hello May 10th!), birth of a child or any other important date. This necklace is so chic and stylish with that little bit of edge to make it unique. I have been waiting for an updated twist on the charm style name necklaces that you see on all the moms at the playground these day. With prices starting at only $150 for the silver version I must say, “Grazie, Grazie, Dalla Nonna!!”


Sunday 26th of February 2012

I purchased a white gold necklace with a white sapphire and the marked special date was is not noticeable at all unless you look at the necklace closely. I contacted the store to see if the stone could be changed and was told no but that I could buy another one. As if money grows on trees. I paid over $600 for the necklace. Then I was offered to buy a silver necklace for $75 plus shipping or send the necklace back to have the stone changed for $40 plus shipping but was told they would not be liable if something happened to the stone down the line. That made no sense. Although the design of the necklace is unique I would say customer satisfaction is not a top priority. I wouldn't buy from this store again.


Tuesday 7th of April 2009

Wow, both of my children are born on april the 9th. So that date is extremely special to me. So I love the idee of a calendar necklace!!!

Little Apple Design LA

Tuesday 7th of April 2009

I already showed my husband these! Wondering if they'll come out with multiple calendar tags on one chain?

Kim @ Project Nursery

Tuesday 7th of April 2009

How unique! Really cute!