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It’s So Good Baby

Have you noticed all the new skin care products for babies that have popped up in stores recently? Being a total product junkie and a mom in the thick of diaper duty you would think that I would be more up to speed on which products are stand outs and which ones aren’t worth the investment. (Let’s face it most of these new products are double the cost).  The truth is, although I always spend time examining the packaging and reading the ingredients I don’t usually buy. I guess when it comes to my little ones skin, which is oh-so sensitive, I’ve been less of a risk taker sticking to old-school lotions and creams. Alas, I have tried a brand new line of natural skin care for babies called Mayron’s Good Baby and I can honestly say it’s good stuff.


Good Baby was developed by Melanie Mayron who is a director, writer, Emmy-award winning actress, and blogger along with her chemist father. Together they spent twelve years developing the formulation down to the selection of each and every ingredient. “The entire Mayron’s Good Baby natural skin care line is free from synthetic fragrances, paraben, sodium lauryl sulfate, and DEA,” says Melanie. She even jokes that her cruelty-free products have never been tested on animals and instead, “only on actresses’ babies.” I loved the calming smell and silky yet thick texture of the “Our Best” Barrier & Diaper Cream.When I read the ingredients which listed tons of vitamins like A, C, D, E , & F along with essential oils and shea butter I realized something…This stuff was something I would use on my own skin but with a thicker consistency! After all, it is a barrier and diaper rash cream so lightness is not the goal here.


Good Baby is sold at select retailers and is also available online. A 2 oz. tube of the diaper rash cream runs about $9.95 and you can score a 12-pack of travel packets (3 changes per packet) for changing on the go for $18.


Monday 13th of September 2010

nice :)

Good Baby Diaper Cream

Friday 20th of November 2009

Very fond of this diaper cream. I give it out as gifts because the retro packing is so adorable. Plus, it's organic.


Tuesday 14th of April 2009

What a great product!