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Love the serene feel and beauty of nature inspired designs? Want to include fun, whimsical, modern designs in your child’s room to inspire and beautify their living spaces? You can incorporate the symbols of the outdoors in the nursery or any room with FORMbaby’s newest series of canvas wall prints called Nature, Nurture. We introduced you to FORMbaby last month when we featured their adorable Alphabet series. Wanting to create a line of modern wall art that was inspired by the natural beauty of our surroundings, they recently introduced the Nature, Nurture series. This series features butterflies, frogs, birds and grasses and each canvas strives to bring a little outside décor into a child’s nursery.  FORMbaby owners Nicole and Jim say, We feel bringing the serenity of nature and its inhabitants into a room can nurture a child’s soul and enliven their imagination.”

Don’t miss this opportunity to win one of the Nature, Nurture canvas prints! FORMbaby will give one lucky Project Nursery fan their choice of print. Here’s how to enter:


WIN IT: By commenting on this post with your favorite Nature, Nurture design AND tell us why you picked it! Contest ends May 8th, 2009 at 11:59pm PST


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    My favorite design is the Blue & Brown Butterfly. I picked it because my daughter and I are both butterfly fans. She also loves those colors. Thanks

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  16. 16

    I love the Bluebirds. They are all adorable, but the Bluebirds print would be perfectly in the nursery I’m designing for my twins boys.

  17. 17

    I love FormBaby. The Tree Frog would be absolutely perfect for my son’s woodland themed nursery! Thanks for the giveaway.

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  22. 22

    I love the Red & Orange Butterfly because I am wanting to redo my daughter’s nursery into a BIG girl toddler room and this would be perfect. I love the colors!

  23. 23

    I LOVE the blue and brown butterfly! This is definintley my choice…my daughters bedroom is done in a nature theme with pottery barn accents and this would most assuredly make the room!

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  35. 35

    The Violet Butterfly is graphically appealing and it would be perfect in my daughters nursery. Love your site!

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  37. 37

    I checked out their website and I love them all and can’t wait to see the wall murals. The cattails may be my favorite…so simple!

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  43. 44

    I like the lilac butterfly. I think I picked it because of it’s soft Pastel Colors. it doesn’t scream out at you like some of the others do! I just think It’s cute and Would be adorable on my Daughter’s Light Green Walls! Thanks

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  50. 51

    The Lilac Butterfly print is stunning and would be lovely in our daughter’s room, once we paint it the beautiful shade of lavander that we have planned!

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  57. 58

    The Bluebird and the Cardinal prints because I am a birdaholic!!
    Got my binocs and got my study guide to learn the calls and songs.
    Love when I discover a bird I’ve never seen before like the Cooper’s Hawk I seen
    for the first time a month ago.

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  62. 63

    I LOVE LOVE bluebirds. I am on a huge bird & owl kick lately and think this would look uber adorable in my daughter’s (due in June) nursery. It’s simplistic & multidimensional all at the same time. So cool!

    PS: I’m already a subscriber!

  63. 64
  64. 65

    I subscribe via Google Reader. Love so many of them so it’s hard to choose. Hmm…if I had to pick, I think I would like the Tree Frog…he’s so cute and it would be unique in my daughter’s room!

  65. 66
  66. 67

    I love the butterfly ones for I am due in july and just did her room in butterflys

  67. 68

    I Love the Lilac one, it is my favorite color and would look awesome in my new room!! (Mackenzie is soon to be 5 years old)

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  73. 74

    I like the Blue & Brown Butterfly for the colors and it would look sweet in my granddaughters room

  74. 75

    The Green and Red butterfly is my favorite. The colors are so striking and I love the composition of the piece. Plus, who doesn’t love butterflies?

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  88. 89

    subscribe to your blog on google reader. love the bluebirds print. it would be perfect for the nursery. all the prints are lovely.

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  94. 95

    The Bluebirds is my favorite. My grandmother loved birds, especially bluebirds and cardinals. We’re having twins and I was really hoping for one of them to be a girl so I could name her after my grandmother. Turns out we’re having two boys and are very excited. I feel like the Bluebirds print would honor my grandmother and look great in our boys’ room. The best of both worlds.

  95. 96

    I also love the Lilypad Frog. Green is my favorite color and my husband wants to decorate our boys’ room in a frong theme.

  96. 97
  97. 98

    I love the Blue Birds…it is gender neutral which is nice…I am a bird addict…and it calms me ~ maybe it is the color choice or the simplicity of the scene…

  98. 99
  99. 100

    I would like to win the Blue & Brown Butterfly picture. My niece is moving into a new home and is going to be decorating her daughter’s room in butterflies. This would be a perfect housewarming gift.

  100. 101

    I like the cattails – the colors are soothing and the arc of the plant is soothing. I can imagine a soft wind blowing, rustling through the plant.

  101. 102

    I LOVE the colors used. They are pretty gender neutral and would work in either room.

  102. 103

    I am a collector of all things dragonfly and butterfly, while it was very difficult picking a favorite, the one that is most versatile with my decor colors is ‘Modern Wall Art
    Red Butterfly’ – it was great to see so many butterfly options! The pink was also lovely, just doesn’t match anything right now and red is my favorite color! :-)

  103. 104
  104. 105

    I like the Alphabet Animals Collection. It would look great in my daughters room and help her learn her ABC’s!

  105. 106
  106. 107
  107. 108

    I LOVE the bluebird print–I saw a family of bluebirds the day I found out I was pregnant with our miracle baby-his room has bluebirds all over, and this would be so sweet to add to the collection!

  108. 109
  109. 110
  110. 111
  111. 112

    After looking at all of them, I choose the one you have pictured. Bluebirds. Love that color of blue, and I love blue and brown together. The Bluebirds is my favorite.

  112. 113

    My favorite is the “Bluebirds” that is shown her and in the store. I like it because it’s so simple, not too bright, and has a serene feel to it. I also like the “Lilypad frog” just because my kids have always loved frogs and it looks so cheery.

  113. 114

    I adore the “Red Maple” Print! Fall is my favorite time of year and this print’s colors are perfct for our home!
    Many thanks, Cindi

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  117. 118

    I love the blue and brown butterfly. The colors are amazing and it just seems so peaceful. But it was hard to pick just one. This is a great series!


  118. 119
  119. 120

    Red & Orange Butterfly would be my choice because its the colors of my bedroom pink orange & brown

  120. 121

    I love the Lilac Butterfly! It matches my little ones room perfectly and she loves butterflyies!

    Thank you so much!

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  126. 127

    Nice paintings. I like Cattails, because the colors go best with my decor. I like the painting’s simplicity and its appealing colors.

  127. 128
  128. 129
  129. 130

    I like the tree frog because it’s cute, calming, yet with a spirit of adventure.

  130. 131

    I’d choose the Lilypad Frog print. My step-daughter collects all things frog and I’m sure she’d love this for her room.

  131. 132
  132. 133

    I like the bluebird print. It’s a very calming piece. We have a bunch of baby bluebirds nesting in our bluebird house right now. This would be perfect to hang up.

  133. 134

    I chose the Pink Butterflys. Because my little girl’s room is pink and she loves butterfly’s and birds.

  134. 135

    Love the “Blue and Brown Butterfly”. I am a brown with any other color fan and the contrast of the brown and blue they chose for the butterfly is perfect.

  135. 136

    red and orange butterfly is my fave. my son’s room has stark white, clapboard walls and it needs a splash of bright and vivid color. this would be perfect!

  136. 137

    The Bluebird design is my choice, because there are so many possibilities, from counting birds to wondering where they might be going, to color shades of blue, and branches too, and making wishes and little rhymes about the birds and why they are important….

    Thanks for the beauty…and inspiration!

  137. 138
  138. 139

    I love the Bluebirds print because my daughter’s favorite color is blue and she is crazy about all things birdie!
    Thanks! foxsquirrelrabbit at gmail dot com

  139. 140
  140. 141
  141. 142

    I like the Blue & Brown Butterfly. It would look great on my wall and the brown you match the color of my living room.

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  149. 150

    My fave is “Bluebirds” because trees and birds are a couple of my favorite nature themes and designs. I love that the art is serene and gender neutral (I’m having a boy, and it’s harder to find pieces like this), and that it’s a major departure from typical, cartoony baby decor.

  150. 151
  151. 152

    It was so hard to just pick one as they are all so beautiful. I would have to pick *Butterfly & Grasses* Anyone that knows me would know that I love PINK and I love BUTTERFLIES. So this is just the perfect picture. :)

  152. 153

    I’m a fan of “bluebirds” mainly, but the runner-up would be “red maple” I guess.

  153. 154
  154. 155

    I love the butterfly and grasses… it is so calming and makes me want to take a deep breath to smell the fresh air.

  155. 156
  156. 157
  157. 158
  158. 159
  159. 160
  160. 161
  161. 162

    My fav is the BlueBirds, but I also love the Cardinal. Thanks! thebubbledies(at)gmail(dot)com

  162. 163
  163. 164

    we liked the green with purple butterfly…….would fit perfect in our little girls new nursery!!!!!

  164. 165

    cattails.. I picked this one as I like the colours of green and what looks to be aqua that was used for the stems and I also like the linear feeling of it.

  165. 166
  166. 167
  167. 168
  168. 169
  169. 170
  170. 171

    Violet Butterfly would pull the colors out for my little girls room perfectly! It would look fantastic, although I might need to order a few for a “gallery” look!
    sylviarj at yahoo dot com

  171. 172
  172. 173
  173. 174
  174. 175
  175. 176

    I love the Modern Wall Art-Red Butterfly. This would be great for my daughter, Vanessa whom I am adopting from China. Her name means “butterfly.”

  176. 177

    I love the violet butterfly because the colors are amazing yet it is simple and beuatiful!

  177. 178

    My favorite is Red and Orange Butterfly because of the vibrant colors. It also reminds me of Japan (maybe because of the bright colors in kimonos…and their flag) where I lived for several years. Thanks!

  178. 179
  179. 180
  180. 181
  181. 182

    I like the Yellow Butterfly artwork best. It is so beautiful and soothing. Plus, my favorite color is yellow, so that may be why I like it the most :)

  182. 183
  183. 184
  184. 185

    I love the bluebirds. I need to combine my daughters room with the new baby on the way. Blue is Janie’s favorite color and we don’t know what baby #2 will be these colors would be perfect for the new room. I am gaining ideas on this sight.

  185. 186
  186. 187
  187. 188

    I love the “bluebirds” one. The birds are so cute in that mass of branches. Or the “butterfly in branches” is nice too. Both very neutral for my kid’s shared room!

  188. 189

    I really like the Lilypad Frog, this would look amazing in my sons room…I love whimisical prints!

  189. 190

    These are beautiful! I pick the Butterfly & Grasses as my favorite because I love butterflies and the pink and brown colors are my favorite combo. Thanks!
    lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

  190. 191
  191. 192
  192. 193
  193. 194

    Bluebirds is my favorite because it just makes me happy and the sound of birds chirping is one of my favorite sounds.

  194. 195
  195. 196
  196. 197
  197. 198

    I love the pic with the 19 blue birds…interesting choice 19.
    Yes, I’d love to win this one.

  198. 199

    I cgose the Yellow Butterfly because my granddaughter’s room is yellow and this would complement it nicely.

  199. 200

    My fave is Lilac Butterfly, my daughter loves butterflies & would be happy to hang this in her room!

  200. 201
  201. 202

    I like Tree Frog. It makes me smile…and will remind me to be aware when I open the front door.

  202. 203
  203. 204

    The Yellow Butterfly design is my favorite. It reminds me of a beautiful painting my parents had while I was growing up. It was of an old cottage in the woods with tall grass growing in the yard and it was done in warm yellow, gold, red and brown colors.

  204. 205
  205. 206
  206. 207
  207. 208
  208. 209

    Hi, I love the bluebirds because it reminds me of spring up north where I grew up. Beautiful print!

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