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Giveaway: bioME Alphabet Organic Tee


Anyone else love that song “Crazy ABCs” by the Barenaked Ladies? Yes, I’m talking about that same band with the 1999 pop favorite “One Week”. They’ve gone kid friendly and even scored an album of the year award for their children’s album “Snacktime” . I always bop along in the car when it comes on my satellite radio kids channel. Both Melisa and I are on an ABC kick. You may have seen Melisa’s Best of ABC post which featured ABC themed room decor but in a cool, modern way. She also featured these great graphic tees by bioME.


Founded by two architectural designers in Venice, CA, bioME tees and onesies are inspired by the constant visual learning processes inherent in all children combined with an appreciation for nature’s beauty and diversity. They say, “The products not only serve functional purposes but also act as an exercise in imagination and learning, all the while remaining respectful of the planet that inspires the designs.” The bioME mantra is to be environmentally and socially sensitive. All products are made with 100% certified, undyed/unbleached organic cotton and fabricated in sweatshop-free facilities, the onesies are tagless and preshrunk. The new bioME 5 Alphabet infant onesies retail for $26 and the original toddler short sleeve tees (for big brothers and sisters) are $28. bioME is offering up one Animal Alphabet tee or infant onesie of choice for today’s giveaway . Enter to win now!!

WIN IT: By commenting on this post with your favorite bioME animal design or helpful tip for families to do their part for the environment. Mine is to keep my kid’s lunch bags green by using those BPA free and reusable containers instead of Ziplocs. It’s easy and makes me feel good. Contest ends April 24th, 2009 at 11:59pm PST

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Contest Closed.

Congratulations to Lily K!


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  1. Hey there nice post and nice blog you have here!

  2. avatar Sarah says:

    y is for yak! so original!

  3. avatar Stefanie Hartman says:

    new subscriber thanks

  4. avatar Stefanie Hartman says:

    6T Sky L for lion shirt for my son, Luke. He is 3 and can make the L for Luke. He will love this shirt. We have water bottles for each member of our family, that we take filtered water from home in, when we are on the go. Each of my 4 children picked their own and their names are on them. This has worked out so nice. I just don’t want to contribute further to the plastic water bottle condition. We bought bottled water nearly every time we were on the go, which is pretty much DAILY. Blessings to all families reading this.

  5. avatar Lily Kwan says:

    I joined your Facebook fan page.

  6. avatar Lily Kwan says:

    I subscribed by email.

  7. avatar Lily Kwan says:

    I love the Polar Bear design!

  8. avatar Heather says:


  9. avatar Heather says:

    I love the Polar Bear and the Rinoceros!

  10. avatar jenny says:

    I love the K for kangaroo shirt! Thanks!

  11. avatar Tobster says:

    My favorite bioME animal design is the penguin

  12. avatar Helen says:

    My favorite is “m” for monkey.

  13. avatar Janet says:

    I heart the “m” for monkey!

  14. avatar Gianna says:

    Grow your own fruit, veggies and herbs :)

  15. avatar leah says:

    I’m a subscriber!

  16. avatar leah says:

    My favorite bioME animal design is the alligator!

  17. avatar Sarah says:

    I’m a big fan of the “m” for monkey!

  18. avatar Jennifer Jozwiak says:

    Id love to win the E elephant onesie.

  19. avatar Vicki says:

    Love the “Jaguar”.

  20. avatar Dan says:

    A helpful tip for families to do their part for the environment is to have everyone work together to recycle and save energy

  21. avatar Denise says:

    I love the elephants.

  22. avatar Lori Z. says:

    P is for Penguin! Z is for Zebra. We just started hanging our clothes to dry and it’s working pretty well.

  23. avatar Ann says:

    I just found your site today! I love Z for Zebra, and J for Jaguar at a close second.

    I’m expecting my first, and doing my part to get the baby off to a green start by using hand-me-downs and checking out my local freecycle online group for items.

    Other green tips for families: make your own baby food, use cloth diapers, use reusable containers and lunchboxes, start good recycling tips early, garden with your kids.

  24. avatar Rosanne says:

    I’m a fan on Facebook

  25. avatar Rosanne says:

    I’m a subscriber

  26. avatar Rosanne says:

    I like the t-shirt with the fish or the shark

  27. avatar Terry C says:

    I like the jaguar

    braaisjo at gmail dot com

  28. avatar Melanie D says:

    The E, elephant is my favorite.

  29. avatar jayne says:

    My fav is the elephant!

  30. avatar Aisling says:

    My favorite is Z – Zebra.

  31. avatar Lindsay says:

    I love love love the Zebra!

  32. avatar Janice says:


  33. avatar Janice says:

    I liek the C for Camel. Thanks for the chance to win this cute giveaway.

  34. avatar shawna says:

    I like the kangaroo.

  35. avatar Ann says:

    I love the O octopus design!

  36. avatar Sherry R says:

    I subscribe in Google reader.

  37. avatar Sherry R says:

    I really like the Giraffe design!

  38. avatar Kim M. says:

    I love the G for Giraffe, and I stopped using disposable changing liners for the changing pad and bought some great washable ones from Boppy!

  39. avatar Melissa says:

    I like the kangaroo.

  40. avatar Heather M says:

    I like the Elephant… in 4t! But if it’s supposed to be the child’s initial then Alligator it is for my daughter Avery!! Thanks

  41. avatar Yvonne Fortin says:

    I like the Lion and Shark Onsie

  42. avatar Yvonne Fortin says:

    I am a subscriber! Please pick me
    god bless

  43. avatar Lisa C. says:

    I’m a subscriber

  44. avatar Lisa C. says:

    I like the A-Alligator bioME animal design!

  45. avatar Lisa says:

    You can start cleaning with vinegar instead of buying cleaners. Vinegar works for floors, counters, the bathroom, everywhere. It’s cheap and good for you and the environment.

  46. avatar Mia J. says:

    We always use the reuseable containers to store our leftovers instead of plastic wrap or foil.

  47. avatar Terra Heck says:

    I’m an e-mail subscriber.

  48. avatar Terra Heck says:

    My favorite animal design is the alligator (A). Thanks.

  49. avatar Simone says:

    Stumbled! bluenude3 Thanks! thebubbledies(at)gmail(dot)com

  50. avatar Simone says: I tweeted! @bluenude3 Thanks! thebubbledies(at)gmail(dot)com

  51. avatar Simone says:

    I love the Y – Yak! Thanks! thebubbledies(at)gmail(dot)com

  52. avatar AmandaK says:

    I just think the D for Dog is adorable!


  53. avatar Monique Rizzo says:

    I love the P for Penguin!! Thanks for the chance.

  54. avatar Jennifer M says:

    I like A is for Alligator.

  55. avatar brandlyn says:

    L for Lion tee is cute. my family has all got involved in planting trees and shrubs in our neighborhoods.

  56. avatar Evelyn says:

    I like the E tee

  57. I just signed up for your updates as well. I LOVE your site! Seriously, your site is awesome and I’ve really enjoyed checking out your archives. Thanks for the awesome inspiration!

  58. I think my son, Parker, would love the Polar Bear tee. Too cute!

  59. avatar Jennifer Short says:

    I’ve always thought yaks were funny, so I like the Y ‘yak’ onesie.

  60. avatar Autumn H. says:

    “B” for bear (and our last name burns)

    autumn398 (at)

  61. avatar Sheila H says:

    The alligator shirt is my favorite! Thanks!

  62. avatar Cindi says:

    I am a member of your Fan Page!
    Thanks for a delightful giveaway prize drawing.

  63. avatar Cindi says:

    The tee that makes me smile the most is the “P” for Penquin.
    Again, many thanks.
    Each member of our family has their own reusable water
    bottle so we don’t buy water in plastic bottles anymore.

  64. avatar Cindi says:

    Hi, I am an email subscriber to your site!
    Many thanks….. Cindi

  65. avatar Kate says:

    I love the B is for Bear, and recycling is a great way for a family to make a difference together. I always bring my boys with me when I take my recyclables to the center so they learn from my example.

  66. avatar Judith says:

    Families can do their part for the environment by using public transport instead of private automobiles.

  67. avatar Rosey says:

    The giraffe is my favorite animal design.

  68. avatar vicky boackle says:

    my favorite animal design is the monkey.

  69. avatar Jenn says:

    Help the environment by going vegetarian! Don’t let your babies eat meat and go organic on veggies, body care, and clothes! Teach your kids to love veggies, animals, and our earth.

    “According to a 2006 U.N. report, the meat industry produces more greenhouse-gas emissions than all the cars, trucks, planes, and ships in the world combined—providing further evidence that meat’s not green. “

  70. avatar Sara says:


  71. avatar Sara says:

    I like the G is for giraffe T

  72. avatar Casey says:

    I love the giraffe one!

  73. avatar Denise says:

    My son would love S is for Shark!

  74. avatar Linda says:

    I love the Alligator shirt.

  75. avatar tara says:

    i am a subscriber.

  76. avatar tara says:

    i love the g for giraffe!

  77. avatar julia magrath says:

    R for rhino

  78. avatar Vicki Wurgler says:

    I like the N for newt

  79. avatar Tassie says:

    I LOVE the K is for Kangaroo. My daughters name is Karsen, I think this would look so cute on her.

    I tweeted

  80. avatar Darlene says:


  81. avatar Brooke D. says:

    I follow on twitter and tweeted!

  82. avatar Brooke D. says:

    I’m a subscriber!

  83. avatar Brooke D. says:

    I would pick the “T” for tortoise for my sweet little nephew!


  84. avatar Nadia says:

    I’m a suscriber.

  85. avatar Nadia says:

    My favorite is L for Lion.

  86. avatar Elaine R says:

    I like the K for Kangaroo tee-all that hopping and jumping is just like my nephew.

  87. avatar ReggieMann says:

    My favorite design is m for monkey :)

  88. avatar Elizabeth Young says:

    I like the G is for Giraffe shirt!

  89. avatar susan varney says:

    the aligator shirt

  90. avatar Katrina says:

    I love the a for alligator shirt.

  91. avatar Wehaf says:

    I use reusable grocery bags, instead of of getting paper or plastic ones at the store.

  92. […] Project NurseryWhat: bioME Animal Alphabet Tee or OnesieHow To Enter: Leave a comment on the giveaway/contest […]

  93. avatar Stephanie V says:

    g is for giraffe is my fave!

  94. avatar Andreah says:

    I am a subscriber.

  95. avatar Andreah says:

    I like the J for Jaguar tee the best.

  96. avatar karen says:

    I subscribed! Yeeha!

  97. avatar karen says:

    I love the a (alligator) and J (jaguar) tees for my wee ones! I’m so obsessed with alphabet tees and these are the best I’ve seen! Love love love how the animal word is upside down for the child to see when they look down at their shirt!

  98. avatar elaina says:

    I stumbled this post, by the way. :)

    smalltownbeatnik [at] gmail [dot] com

  99. avatar elaina says:

    I’m proud of my family’s green efforts! We stopped using plastic bags for groceries a couple of years ago. I have the largest collection of canvas totes imaginable! This yer we stopped using so many paper towels and baggies, and I started washing all my laundry on cold. (Gets just as clean!) We are lucky enough to live in a city that makes recycling a breeze, so that’s a given. It’d be insane not to recycle!

    P.S. The baby in the picture up there is SO cute.

    smalltownbeatnik [at] gmail [dot] com

  100. avatar Danielle says:

    I like the (g) giraffe onesie! So cute!

  101. avatar Kiki says:

    I love the Q for Quail design!

    ParkingGoddessFTW at gmail dot com

  102. avatar amy p. says:

    I tweeted. 1amypugmire.

  103. avatar amy p. says:

    I subscribe.

  104. avatar amy p. says:

    Love the peinguin in the flamingo color in size 2T t-shirt.

  105. avatar Dan says:

    Try to grow as much of your own food as possible. What you can’t grow, try to buy organic.

  106. I like the monkey the best and it begins with m like Mattie.

  107. avatar sammyw says:

    my fav is the (u) urchin :)

  108. avatar Leslie M. says:

    I happily stumbled this post! My stumbleUpon username is LeslieVeg

  109. avatar Leslie M. says:

    Leslie Mayorga became a Fan on facebook

  110. avatar Leslie M. says:

    I’m a subscriber

  111. avatar Leslie M. says:

    I am an ANIMAL LOVER and these are fabulous! bioME outdid themselves! Hard to pick a favorite, but if I had to, I would choose the infant Onesie Zebra! GOSH just wonderful!

  112. avatar Kim says:


  113. avatar Kim says:

    here’s a tip: use any unused water to water potted plants!

  114. avatar BRINDA says:


  115. avatar Shweta says:

    I became a fan on facebook

  116. avatar Shweta says:

    I subscribe..

  117. avatar Shweta says:

    My favorite is the A for alligator cos my son’s name starts with A…I’m big into all the 3 R’s…Reduce,Reuse and Recycle….
    My tip is to unplug all the electronics around the house when you are not using them,eg: cell phone charger,toaster,blender etc.

  118. avatar kim Weber says:


  119. avatar lynn says:

    I use coffe grinds to put on top of the soil of my roses. They love it.

  120. Became a fan on Facebook

  121. avatar Erin says:

    My favorite is the “S” is for Shark infant onesie!

  122. I love U is for Urchin! So unique.

  123. avatar sandra says:


  124. avatar sandra says:

    i like the alligator tee

  125. avatar Shauna says:

    I love the monkey =) Save the environment by cloth diapering!

  126. avatar kelly clements says:

    i subscribe!

  127. avatar kelly clements says:

    my fave is the L for lion.

  128. avatar shel says:

    i love the R. we don’t know the sex yet, so it’ll represent our last name!

    happy day!

  129. avatar Kathleen says:

    I love all of these tees, but would probably go for the Shark, since my son’ name begins with S.

  130. avatar Keitha says:

    email subscriber

  131. avatar Keitha says:

    My favorite is the Shark

  132. avatar Jennifer says:

    I subscribe!!

  133. avatar Jennifer says:

    I like the K with the kangeroos and that’s what my two daughers’ names start with!

  134. avatar melanie says:

    fan on facebook-melanie adey

  135. avatar melanie says:

    i have your button

  136. avatar melanie says:

    Love i for iguana.

  137. avatar Jessica says:

    I became your facebook fan.

  138. avatar Jessica says:

    I subscribe.

  139. avatar Jessica says:

    My favorite is the {C} CAMEL onesie for my youngest son’s name. Our family recycles to try to do our part. We try to recycle as much as we can unfortunately our recycling company doesn’t pick up everything we set out like (GLASS) who knew???

    THANKS for the chance. Very cute giveaway.