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Design Board: Ashley Taylor Home

Pulling together all the necessities for your baby’s room is an overwhelming task. Having to then decorate the room is a whole other job in itself.  We like to think we are making things just a bit easier for you over here at Project Nursery by providing a daily dose of inspiration. So that’s why we were delighted to meet Ashley Taylor. Ashley subscribes to the same philosophy and has developed her entire children’s boutique around it: Ashley Taylor Home. We asked Ashley to create two designs that we know will inspire our readers:

Mister Madras Madness

Ashley’s Inspiration: The ever so popular chocolate brown with a punch of red and blue. Can’t go wrong with this combo – it’s all boy. Trendy and classic bundled into one. Madras plaid fabric on the crib set lends a preppy, classic feel. The chocolate browns reflect today’s trends and the red furniture makes the room bright and spunky. The artwork in this room is what sparked my imagination. The boring transportation theme is refreshed with kooky animals – a pup on a wagon, a birdie on a scooter and turtle friends skateboarding. It doesn’t get cuter than that. The best part of it all – this lucky baby boy can grow with this room by just adding a big boy bed and any bedding set that incorporates blues,browns and reds.

Miss Polka Dotty

Ashley’s Inspiration: Polka dots! Every little girl loves polka dots – they’re timeless, sweet and fun. I always start with one favorite thing and build a room off of that special item, print, color, etc. Miss Polka Dotty has tons of fun polka dots sprinkled throughout the room – a multi-colored embroidered polka dot fabric on the crib set, green and pink polka dot fabric on the glider,polka dots in the artwork, ball finials on the crib and polka dots on the lamp. It’s not overkill but, just enough to keep the pattern flowing. The most important thing, know when to stop! Polka dot walls (although a favorite of mine) would be a bit much – striped walls, on the other hand, would be a fabulous break of pattern. The pink and green combo that never wears out is always a safe pick. Safe picks don’t have to be tiresome – the different patterns and hues of the pinks and greens in Miss Polka Dotty keep this room exciting.

The best part of Ashley’s designs?  The entire room may be purchased online. Just visit Ashley’s collection of pre-designed rooms at Ashley Taylor Home.  If you are looking for truly personalized designs, for a tiny deposit (which is then applied to your order) Ashley provides complimentary design services. Ashley’s’ accolades include cover features in Better Homes and Gardens, Kids Rooms, Bedroom & Bath, Window & Wall and 100 Ideas Makeover Style.

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  1. I visit a lot of sites and blogs and normally they fail to deliver, but this one is different. It’s the real deal! Thank you, I am very grateful to you and it has helped me, particularly the post – Get Inspired: Ashley Taylor Home | Project Nursery. Mary Jane

  2. Those are seriously fabulous! I love them both.

  3. Those are seriously fabulous! I love them both.

  4. Those are seriously fabulous! I love them both.

  5. Those are seriously fabulous! I love them both.

  6. Those are absolutely gorgeous rooms! Ashley sure knows what she’s doing! Her website is beautiful and easy to navigate! Tons of fabulous products!