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BABY CASE By S. Stein Design


Just like Melisa, I was pretty new to the whole world of “Eco-friendly” until babies came into my life. I have sure learned a lot in the past five years and it feels really good that this week’s posts are focused on products and people that have made helping our vast planet a priority. Today, I would like to introduce you to Sherry Stein of S. Stein Design, an established bag designer with a new industrial-chic bag for the modern baby set. Sherry was kind enough to take time out of her busy schedule to talk to Project Nursery about her career, inspirations and this fab new BABY CASE.


Sherry has been in the design industry for many years and has design gigs at Nike (back when there were only 18 designers on staff!) and Gap under her belt. Eventually, Sherry decided the corporate world wasn’t where her heart was and set out to do what she loved which was focus her energy on her own line of bags and clothes. With a love of vintage leather and canvas work bags as her inspiration, such as her father’s camera case from 1948, S Stein Design was born.


The BABY CASE is the latest addition to Sherry’s collection. Although Sherry has had plenty of baby experience being a mother and grandmother, she set out to understand the modern parent and to design a bag specifically for them. She collected all the essential items that makes a parent on-the-go tick like bottles, cups, wipes, creams, food containers, change of clothes etc., etc., etc. She then used these items as a guideline to create a diaper bag that stands upright when set down, has a removable and washable lining and can be carried by both mom and dad. She even thought of a super accessible and specific place for the ole’ cell phone and wallet (genius!). Like many of her other bags, the BABY CASE is more then just a diaper bag.  It was designed with the intention of a case that you can open up and work from. With Sherry’s signature outside pocket this bag is not only cool looking and practical but it’s industrial-chic style is great for Dad too. All of S. Stein Design bags are hand constructed out of “natural” cotton, hearty canvas, suede or leather and recycled felt. They are made in the U.S. by a crew of women who sew each bag with diligence and care. The BABY CASE comes in a range of colors like sienna, marine and olive and is a bag that will last well beyond those baby years. The BABY CASE retails for $395 and is available through the S. Stein Design website. Sherry says, “The BABY CASE is great for the modern parent looking for a hip bag that doesn’t scream “diaper”. Thank you Sherry! We think it’s a much needed addition to the diaper bag market.

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That bag is gorgeous! Almost inspires me to have a 3rd baby so I can get it!