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Take A Seat

Our poor family room couch! The color we decided on a mere one-year ago was called “fawn” and these days poor Bambi has been taking quite the beating. I’ve decided to take matters into my own hands and host an intervention! I am officially on the hunt for a couple of great chairs that the kids can claim as their own to abuse and the couch can get a little time off for good behavior. The criteria is that these chairs need to be easy to move, easy to clean and easy on the eyes. I don’t want the vibe of the room to be thrown into kid-ville. I had originally thought to go with a more traditional chair shape but this furlicious beanbag from PB Teen is so cute it is really making me re-consider. I’m also a sucker for a good animal print but considering we have a zebra print rug in the room, one of these cute seats (below) from P’Kolino might be overkill. The tailored look, like this one from Restoration Baby & Child, is always a classic but maybe a little boring? I just about jumped out of my own Ghost chair when I saw that they now have a tot sized version. With that said, I would not subject my little ones to such discomfort! (I still love the darn chair though). And lastly, the techno pop colors of the these wing back chairs from Target caught my eye for their modern George Jetson like design. Although my research was helpful, I’m afraid I’m still looking, so if you have a suggestion for a fabulous looking and comfortable seat for toddlers please let me know by commenting on this post!

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  1. Thanks Mel – We must be two tired mamas…both of us looked and didn’t catch it! Ugh.

  2. avatar Mel says:

    um, i think you mean “couch”

  3. avatar Kristina says:

    I just recently bought for my little girl the “kids” chair by stylus sofas

    the fabric on the website is horrible but any of their fabrics can be put on this chair. and they have a huge assortment of fabrics. It took a couple weeks to come in but the chair is hand made in Vancouver, and fits right in with my other furniture without it looking childish. She loves it!

  4. Ok! Here’s what I am eyeing and you may like it too for your family room – It’s the Target club chair. It is so great. I can just fit into it but it’s perfect for my toddler. The only thing is that I’ve seen it in black at the actual Target store for $80. Maybe it is worth the extra $$ for brown shipped. I dunno?