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Design Reveal: The Gift Closet

We are happy to introduce Heather of “The Gift Closet“. Heather is a Texas-loving, gift-giving, creative, shea-body butter developing, blogging mom of two and more! We say more because Heather can add decorator to her long list of talents! Here’s a peak into her kids rooms…

What was your inspiration for the room? The pink & green room was originally a playroom for my 1st born daughter. Once my son came along, that became her room.

What best describes your decorating style? Fun, unique, & personalized!

Share with us choice of colors, diy tips, etc. I knew I wanted pink & green in my daughters room. In my son’s room however, I wanted a Texas theme since I am originally from Texas. Wanted to stay “true to my roots”. :)My husband and a dear friend from church did all the painting. Everything in their rooms are hand painted.

Where did you purchase your furniture? The furniture in my daughter’s room was both given to us and the tv stand was designed by my hubby & built by a friend. In my son’s room the furniture cam from Babies R Us, the rocking chair cushions we purchased the fabric & had them made, and the lamp was hand-painted by the same woman who painted the rooms.

What is your favorite item in the room? In my daughter’s room it is the keepsake items we have on a shelf on the wall. In my son’s room it would be the painting on the walls. I love it!


Friday 17th of April 2009

Where did you get that bunny rug? I am obsessed with bunnies and love that rug!!!


Thursday 12th of March 2009

Isn't my mom SUPER TALENTED artist and decorator!!! That was some hard work for sure! I am so glad she is helping me paint and decorate Will's big boy room and the nursery! I keep telling her she HAS to go into business doing this stuff! The rooms look sooo good!


Wednesday 11th of March 2009

Heather- Those rooms are adorable! They are exactly what I would have wanted my kids rooms to look like. You are muy talented!!


Tuesday 10th of March 2009

Okay, Heather, when are you coming over to my place? Those rooms are adorable!


Tuesday 10th of March 2009

Thanks for a great post! I appreciate it!!!