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Design Reveal: Aidan’s Elephants

Mom’s take note! Aidan’s mom sure did from cool sites and online nursery inspiration. Her selections are brilliant and we are so grateful that she shared the end result: A refreshing, beautiful and contemporary nursery!

What was your inspiration for the room?
Scrolling through hundreds of real rooms for ideas on Project Nursery, Coochicoos, Apartment Therapy and Flickr as well as catalog rooms on furniture and decal sites. Domino Magazine was also a big source, such as putting the wallpaper on the ceiling, very sad the magazine has closed! I’m a big animal person and always loved that elephants symbolize wisdom, luck and strength (depending on the culture) so I gravitated to designs with elephants. (Now a lot of our gifts have been elephants so they have taken over!)

Project Nursery thinks waaayyy to go with the elephants on the ceiling!

What best describes your decorating style?
Modern but user-friendly/comfortable. Most of our furniture is dark wood but we wanted it to feel light, bright, and soothing – and be very baby. Figured our son has years to dictate his room.

Share with us choice of paint colors, furniture, art, diy tips, etc.
Paint colors: Benjamin Moore Matte finish, Bottom: Caribbean Mist 2061-70 Top: Rainforest Dew 2146-50. Wallpaper and rug: Designer’s Guild. Crib & Dresser: Nurseryworks from Albee Baby. Glider: Monte Design. Light: Hive Modern. Bookshelf: Ikea. Side table: Target (Trumpet). Decal letters: Photobox: Sugarboo Designs. Sheep mobile: Flensted Mobiles from MoMa store. Name cartoon in frame: Created by a very close friend who is a cartoonist, if you have any interest in obtaining one of your own, please let me know.

4. What is your favorite item(s) in the room?
We love the glider, we love that it’s more modern than most we’ve seen yet it’s very comfortable with perfect arm height and the back is high enough to rest your tired head on. We also put our old iPod on the side table and filled it with Rock Lullabies off iTunes so we get to here lullaby versions of Coldplay and the like at night which we like.


Friday 16th of October 2009

HI I am looking into getting walll decals for my son's room as well. Just wondering what size and colour finish did you use. I have been on the website but there are so many options. Thanks, Jane


Friday 17th of April 2009

So adorable. I love the creativity and use of colors. What a great nursery!!


Wednesday 8th of April 2009

i love this nursery!!!! so beautiful!!


Monday 23rd of March 2009

Thanks! Kathleen I forgot to mention the bedding (from Buy Buy Baby) so thank you. And 9 weeks later, the glider still rocks!

I also wanted to make sure to disclose that we had consulted with a designer on our living room and he really opened my eyes to different sources, such as Designer's Guild. We were able to purchase the rug directly from Designer's Guild but their wallpaper is to the trade only so we had to have a designer order it for us. For those in the NYC area, they also sell Designer's Guild at Gracious Home.

Also re-reading this, I realize how focused on the design I was. But if I had submitted this now, I would have said my favorite part of the room is, after all the planning, seeing our amazing REAL baby in there. :)


Monday 23rd of March 2009

What an awesome nursery! I love that glider!!!!!!!