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Let’s Have A Potty!

If only potty training were that simple.  There are so many books, philosophies, DVDs, and potties out there. What is a mom to do? I’m in the process of potty training our 2 year old son, and I can’t comment on what works best (since we’re still training), but I can share with other moms on which potties we looked at to enhance our bathroom decor.  Here are 3 of my favorites:

My personal favorite from a design perspective is the Boon Potty Bench.  Hands down, this is the most stylish potty out there.  Not only is it attractive, it’s actually quite functional. The side compartments for extra wipes, books, etc. are very practical, and the potty also  doubles as a step stool. If you’re looking for a sleek looking potty, this is the one.

Another potty that I highly recommend new moms check out is the Graco Soft Seat potty. We started using this with my son, and he felt very secure on it with the cushioned seat and handles on the side. This is a very comfy potty for young toddlers.  This is not a sexy looking potty, but it’s relatively compact, easy to clean, and sturdy enough for the wiggliest of toddlers.

And, for the minimalist mom who wants to able to put the potty away when guests visit, I highly recommend the Baby Bjorn Toilet Trainer. We currently only use this potty. It fits snugly on top of a regular toilet seat and facilitates clean-up: no need to clean out a yucky potty insert.  Bathroom storage is premium real estate, and this potty definitely can be used in the tightest of spaces.

What potty do you and your child prefer? Us toilet-training Moms want to know!


Friday 13th of March 2009

Just found your website and I must say it is nice to finally find one that has great nursery ideas. 1st baby due July16, 2009

Little Apple Design LA

Thursday 12th of March 2009

Thanks Claire! I have the boon and while it's been fun and a great step stool, your recommendation on the Bjorn is perfect. It just arrived the other day and I think this may do the trick.


Thursday 12th of March 2009

I second the recommendation of the Baby Bjorn toilet trainer. We love it! We were able to skip the whole "floor potty" stage because my son felt so comfortable up on the potty trainer. The Baby Bjorn sits snugly, even on our elongated toilet seats, so there wasn't the "wiggle" that made him so nervous on other potty seats. (I do recommend getting a small step also, so that feet aren't swinging.) It has a sloped front, which does the job of a shield up front nicely, but won't pinch or scratch as little boys get on or off the seat.

I loved not having to clean out a potty! This is one of my favorite pieces of baby gear.