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Label & Learn

Everything has a place. And while it will take years for my kids to appreciate or even really understand this concept, I am attempting to take my love of labeling into the playroom. Boxes and bins of toys, puzzles, diapers, you name it are calling for a sense of order. Today I share with you my quest to find decorative, kid-friendly, convenient labels.

Stuck Labels have simple, cool label backgrounds. If you are willing to make your own, just follow their pdf file templates and now we are organizing! Excellent for parties too.

Baskets are a must for nurseries. Small, sweet, felt labels by Gourmet Play adds a decorative touch and just may help a new dad decipher the difference between diaper cream and body lotion.

And jackpot! A mom who understands my needs. Thank you to for StudioJK for creating playroom perfect labels with a lot more pizazz than my boring label maker.

Now I just need to order, slap a few on my Ikea Trofast System bins and we are organized (or at least the outside of my bins will be).

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  1. Great labels, especially from StudioJK. Brilliant!

  2. Thanks Air. I just love your chalkboard and polaroid ideas!

  3. avatar Air says:

    I love all these labels. I have done labels on all the baskets in my laundry room! Also on some of my kids toy bins I have used chalkboard contact paper and used my Pazzle machine to cut it into circles and then labeled it and then also a fun thing is to take polaroids {if you have one} or just normal photos of the toys that belong in the bin and then put it on the front. This way you and your child can easily recognize what belongs in the bins!