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Je t’aime L’Affiche Moderne

My daughter’s favorite fictional character, Nancy, from the Fancy Nancy series by Jane O’Conner is definitely on to something. Things do in fact seem a little fancier when they come from France. Well, Nancy would be ecstatic to discover L’Affiche Moderne. This French e-shop specializes in selling limited-edition posters from photographers, graphic designers and children’s illustrators around the globe. The owners are highly selective and choose only prints that match their goal of staying true to originality. In addition they ensure that each print will be limited to 300. They say, “We’re here for all those who despite a shoe-string budget, would like to get their hands on an original and high quality work.”

Many of the designs are cheerful and charming and would be a nice addtion to the walls of any nursery or kids room. Each poster is printed on high quality semi-gloss paper and is a numbered limited-edition of 300. Lucky for us Yanks, L’Affiche Moderne ships worldwide so we don’t have to travel to Paris to find these amazing prints. Although, any excuse to get to the Champs Elysees is a good one in my book!

Lon Diede

Sunday 24th of October 2010

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